BCV parking question


Will my brother, who is staying at ASM, have any problems parking at BCV? Since one of the main reasons coming to disney at this time is seeing my DGDs, he will be over at BCV a lot. The first 5 days my plan is to spend most of the time at DHS (Star wars) and Epcot (flower show) and take advantage of the great pool at BC. Both girls have been to disney several times, so hitting the parks from morning to night is not important. This of course has nothing to do with the fact that grandma and grandpa might be worn out by 10 A.M. :laugh: I’m thinking he could join us for breakfast (we have a 1 br villa) and then figure out the day. I’m not looking for use of the pool for him, just for the parking.


He shouldn’t have a problem. The security guard will ask to see his ID and may write down his license plate. I’d have him emphasize he is NOT there to use the pool, only to meet with others in his party.


I was thinking of asking when we check in if we could get a parking pass for him. If fact I maybe I’ll ask if we could get an extra key card for him to he could rest in the room. He’s older than I am, so he might be worn out by 9:45.


If there were any problems there he could also park at the Boardwalk and take a quick walk over as part of that parking lot is open to the public.


This is what we did last October. I went with my SIL and her best friend, which we stayed off site at their timeshare. Best friends Son and family was at ASM, so when they checked in, they got room key cards for us and a parking pass. That way, every morning, we met them at their resort, and then utilized the transportation with the family. It was not a problem whatsoever at check in.

Enjoy the Grandbabies!!!


You can also say you’re there to do some shopping in the Beach and Yacht stores as well as say you’re trying for a walk up at Captain’s Galley.