BDavis932's Spring Break 2006 Trip Report!


DAY 1 (Saturday March 11th):

Our trip started on Saturday March 11th. With having about 20 hours of sleep the entire week, we got up around 8:00, which was earlier than we really wanted to!! I took care of last minute details around the house while hubby took the dog to the kennel.

We left home around 10:00 and headed to the airport. Got parked and bags checked in and through security by 11:30….for our 1:00 flight. We had A boarding passes on Southwest, and thank goodness we did because there was not an empty seat on the plane!

We had a good flight and arrived at MCO and at the ME counter by 4:35. We had two stops at Pop and CSR before our night at AKL. We arrived at AKL at 6:00pm. The check in line was HUGE! But only took about 20 mins. The kids and I looked around a bit while hubby checked in. He asked for an upgrade and they said no, so I figured we had a parking lot view. MUCH TO OUR SURPRISE, we had a beautiful savannah view!
It was so neat! There were wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, and some other type of cattle that I don’t remember the name of! It was really great! (especially at $185 for the night!!)

I had packed our swimsuits in our carry on so the kids went swimming for about 30 mins before our dinner at Boma. The kids loved the pool and didn’t want to get out when it was time, but we promised they could return after dinner.

The lobby of Boma was packed. When we showed up they said we were 30 mins late??? I assured them I had confirmed my ressies and was told 8:00pm. So we waited about 30 mins and was then seated. All I can say about Boma is Wow! Wow! Wow! Those ribs are now my favorite food anywhere in this world! They were delish! We all enjoyed Boma very much and agreed that we will go back again next time.

Back to the room to put back on the swimsuits, this time hubby and I joined the kids, but we took turns in the awesome hot tub while the other stayed with the kids. What a great hot tub, but I kept thinking of the part of Lion King 1½ when pummba gets out and the bubble stop! I think I had way too little sleep this week, hehe!

After an hour or so at the pool, we went back to the room and oohed and ahhhed over the animals and went to bed. I slept SO good.

View from our room:


Another photo from our balcony:


What a great upgrade, awesome start!


DAY 2 (Sunday, March 12, 2006):

We got up by 6:30 (a first for us at WDW!) and we were at Animal Kingdom by 8:45. I kept asking hubby, “why aren’t these lines moving”…wow there are a lot of people here, then I realized the park hadn’t even opened yet! Hehehe! We have never been at a park before it opened before. At 9:00 they opened the gates! We ran straight to EE….and immediately got Fast Passes. The standby line said 20 mins, so we hopped in, and it was only about 15 mins. IT WAS SO COOL! Afterward we had a few mins before our fast passes were good so we went for breakfast, but the only place that sells fruit was a the front of the park, so cookies for breakfast…why not?? We’re at WDW!! By the way, the cookies at that “tea factory” were soooo good! Even better than Otis Spuckmeyer. Very yummy! We went back for our FP’s and rode EE again! It was even better in the back (seems faster!)

We did what we had set out to do at AK and now it was time to meet up with our gang at Magic Kingdom. Hubby took a bus to OKW to check in while the kids and I took one to the MK. This place was packed and I was immediately wondering why we decided to go over spring break. We rode the people mover, which actually had a line!! Then we walked around waiting for everyone to arrive. We met up with Trailblazer and a Goofy Family around 11:30. Hubby arrived not much later. We got FP’s for SplashMnt and then rode the Haunted Mansion. Ate lunch at the Liberty Square fruit stand/hot dog/potato place and then headed back over for Splash. This was Trailblazers first time to ride Splash! We were so excited to get her on it! Just look at her face! I think she was having fun, don’t you??

Day two lasted until 2:30am…more to come…


Great TR so far. Congratulations on the wonderful upgrade at AKL. I can’t wait to read more!


That is SO COOL! I’ve never stayed at AKL but views of the animals! Amazing!!!


As you said you slept so good,
I always sleep good when i am at WDW most of all in the resort !


Sounds awsome!!! I NEED MORE!!!


I knew you would like the ribs at Boma!!!


DAY 2 (continued)…

After our fun ride on Splash Mountain we continued riding rides until 5:00 and we headed over to Chef Mickey’s. My cousin and his family (DC member named “Den”) were going to meet us there for dinner. We hadn’t been there in a few years. What a great time we all had together. Good food (I couldn’t get enough of the peel and eat shrimp!) After dinner we took the monorail to the MK. My Auntie Ann (Trailblazers sister) was going to meet us in front of the Fire Station about 7:30. I think she made it around 8:15 (her flight got delayed).

The MK was open until 3:00am!! We were all bound and determined to stay there until it closed. We got a lot of rides in and the lines were dwindling, but about 2:00am so were we. We decided we better hit the hay. We got to OKW and to our room and found NO LUGGAGE! We called the front desk and luckily bell services had it and they brought it right to us! We fell in to bed at 2:45am.


Day 3 (Monday, March 13, 2006)

Got up and going and was in EPCoT by 10:00am. Rode several rides and got some fast passes. We picked up lunch for the kids at the McDonalds by Canada and then walked up to Japan and I got my favorite Udon noodles and shrimp and carried it over to Germany where hubby got bratwurst and saurkraut :eek: . We did a few of the countries and then met up with the rest of the gang and did some more rides. We ate dinner at Le Cellier and then hit Mexico and then watched Illuminations. It was a great day!


Oh, I can’t believe I almost forgot! DD (6) lost her very first tooth at WDW, on our first night at AKL! She was so excited! She was hoping that Tinkerbell would come instead of the the tooth fairy!


DAY 4 (Tuesday, March 14th, 2006)

Disney Studios Day! Yay! We met A Goofy Family at the bus stop and we rode to MGM together. We met up with the gang and went straight to RcRc to see if DD 6 was tall enough this time…and YES…she was (we ended up riding this 3 times this day!) She loved it. We also did ToT, Star Tours, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Lights Motors Action, Narnia, The Great Movie Ride, and Fantasmic! The only things we missed were WWTBAMPI and Backlot Tour. We ate a light lunch at the backlot express and had a wonderful dinner at Hollywood & Vine. We got the Fantasmic Dinner package so we didn’t have to wait for Fantasmic! It was so good!

We also saw Kim Possible today…she was so cute! She mustn’t eat much, tho… :tongue:

Here are hubby and I trying on some St. Patty’s day mickey ears:


Here is DD So excited after her first ride on the RcRc


Your daughter is so cute! MK until 3 am–that’s like the old E-Ride nights!

Do you like OKW? We are thinking about changing our reservation and OKW and SSR are the only two DVC resorts that are open for our trip.



We have stayed at OKW many many times and yes, we always enjoy it. We stay there mainly because we can stay for less points per night, but it is very relaxing and comfortable. SSR is very similiar in that it is quiet and relaxing. We stayed at SSR last summer in “The Springs” and it was very close to the pool and restaurant area.

My parents have stayed in Blgd 13 at OKW…that would be a perfect bldg in my opinion because it so close to the main blgd, bus stops and themed pool. We have also stayed in Blgd 14, 18, and 54. Out of those I liked 18 the best, close to bus stops, but nothing else. If you don’t have a car with you, make sure you have a grocery stop before you stay at either of these places, or hit the general store at your resort to stock up. Just in case you don’t get near the food courts.


Thanks for the info. I’ve looked at the pictures on Allears and it looks very nice (but very pink) so I am sure we’ll be happy there. We are thinking about a trip there with friends next summer because of the lower points, we could get a 2 bedroom for fewer points than BCV. Right now we are booked at POR so the locations are about the same but we get a bigger room and busses that are just for our resort.

I guess I need to get on the ball and make some changes, it sounds like I won’t be sorry.


Steph, do you need a full kitchen? To stay in a studio during the summer, it “costs” 98 points per week. If you don’t need the kitchen, you could do 2 studios near each other and have your own “space” to boot. It would save you quite a few points.


Hi Darling Daughter. I had a great time with everyone during Spring Break. There were so many of us, but everyone seemed to enjoy the family reunion. It is to bad Auntie Ann’s husband couldn’t make it. Yes, it was neat to ride Splash Mountain and NOT get wet. Can’t wait till we leave for Keystone the end of June.


I’m lovin’ your trip report DSis…just like reliving it all over again!! :wub: Can’t wait to read more!