Be careful what you post


(I’m not sure if MB Questions is the place for this or not… it seemed like a suggestion, so I put it here…)

Just a friendly warning to all… be careful what you post. My friend informed me today that when he searched a very simple Disney-related phrase on Google Images, a picture of me was the first result and it led right back to a thread here on MB. I always feel like MB is a safe place and that I’m talking to just my MB buddies, but this was a real wake up call to me that ANYONE can see whatever we post here, including personal photos.

I’m sure most everyone is aware of this, but I just felt the need to put it out there for anyone like me who may not be.



Thanks for the reminder, I foolishly never even gave it a thought!


Thank you for reminding all. that is why I never post any pics of my family or me on the internet. for once they are out there they are always out there.


Oh my, I’ll have to change my avatar.


When I first joined MB (DisneyCentral), my name was actually my real name, first and last. After a few months, someone pointed out how that could be problematic especially since I had posted pictures. I’ve been MerlinMatt since sometime in mid 2004 and I’ll remain that way. I still post pictures (although less frequently) and I don’t reveal any personal information (except by private e-mail).

Pictures alone aren’t that bad, unless they are connected with who you really are.


I’ve always been overprotective about my personal information on here. Funny thing is that I’ve just recently changed my avatar to a picture of myself. Go figure!


I too am always careful about what goes out…I never use my real name or personal information and I never post pics of my kids faces. You can never be too careful.


So agree with Mickey Mom. No full faces of my child. and no personal stuff you just don’t know who is reading this.Such a sad reflection on who and what you trust on the internet


I don’t worry about it too much.

I have a gun.


Aslong as what I post cannot be linked back to my personal whereabouts etc then I feel pretty safe. It is bizzare when you google something random and see either your own face or a picture you have took pop up tho!


Scary…I would have never given it a second thought. Thanks for the heads up!


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;998848]I don’t worry about it too much.

I have a gun.[/QUOTE]