Be careful with that trade!


Something I realized the other day: Many pins look like other pins! If you don’t look closely you may not realize is that the special Limited Edition of 1000 pin that you think you’re getting can be purchased at any Disney Store for $6.00. Here’s an example.

In the “what’s your ‘holy grail’?” thread I mentioned the Mickey for President pin, LE of 1000. The Disney Store is now selling a pin that some folks are calling Mickey for President on E-bay. It looks very similar, but it isn’t. This pin lacks the text “Mickey for President” on it.

Another example: While at WDW this june I almost traded away my WDW Monorail Slide pin (the one with donald piloting the monorail out of the Contemp. resort) for what I thought was a Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Play It opening day pin. It wasn’t. It was the pin that can be purchased at any pin station. Had my friend not pointed that out, I would have traded away one of my favorite pins.

So, the moral of the story: Check, and double check the pins you’re trading for or buying. Don’t find out too late!