Be our guest counter service?


Hello :slight_smile: When we go on our trip in April, I have planned for us (myself, DD and DFriend) to go to Be Our Guest for Counter Service. Do you know if they will allow us to take a view of all the dining rooms at that time, and are there special effects at the restaurant? Thanks! :slight_smile:


If you go before they open, you can not tour the dining rooms. You can get into the foyer and see the big banquet hall, but you can not see the west wing or the rose garden room. Once you go in, it is open seating so you can walk around and pick where you want to sit. I would suggest the main banquet hall or the rose garden. Both of these are bright and cheery. The wes wing was just dark and not impressed. No real special effects to speak of. Food was good.


I read on another site last night that people are getting to the park and getting in line for lunch right then. They posted a pictures of a huge line saying it was the line for lunch! Crazy! I’m going in June, and I’ll report back if it’s still the same way… if I get in for lunch or dinner, I’ll let you know!.


I also heard the lines for lunch are terrible. We’re going end August and hope to get a reservation for dinner.


…if you are going in August and want a dinner reservation at BOG, I would go ahead and make it as soon as you can. From what I have seen on here and read online, dinner reservations are harder to come by than the lunch line!!!


I scored dinner reservations late in the day when my window opened so they are doable. This is for the second week of June. I then got a second res a couple weeks later when I wasn’t sure of the dates!


We were there in November before the opening. Pretty much everything everyone else has said is true. I also suggest eating in the ballroom. However, the west wing does have a couple of special things. I don’t want to spoil it here for others, but while you are eating, ask one of the CM’s about what takes place in the west wing every 15-30 minutes.


I’m so excited, but if it is a crazy line we may just walk around and look about inside… I would have made dinner ressies but we already had those planned out…


We just got back from our trip and got in line twice, and we left the line twice. The first time I just was too tired to wait to see how fast the line would move anad didn’t really give it a chance.

The second time I got in line and waited to ask questions.
They had CM’s guiding the line and when we got to a certain spot they told us “From this point you are 2 hours from entering the castle.” I was very dissappointed and decided to leave but I will make sit down ressies for October. I just want to see the inside! LOL


Ate there on December 29, 2012 for lunch. DELICIOUS!!! Waited about 25 minutes… the experience was so worth the wait. We visited each dining room while there. We had a table in the West Wing…fun!!! Planning to try again next week (for lunch). The line seems to look worse that it actually is…we were around the corner from the bridge and felt our wait was not that bad. And, it was the BEST counter service we have ever had. So, so good. Loved all the dining rooms and it is easy to visit them while you are there. I think we got in line around 10:45…don’t remember exactly, but it was certainly before noon.


I am going to try again in October for sure! Looking forward to it.


Got adr for september 29 for dinner
cant wait