Be our guest CS questions


Last yr, we made a late lunch FP+ for BOG. We went about 2 ish and had coffee and dessert. It was lovely. Since it wasn’t busy, we didn’t feel rushed since there was lots of empty tables.

We plan on doing the same this yr.

Here are the questions,

We didn’t pre-order our food. How close to the time can you do this? Can we decide at noon that same day and pre-order?

If we order coffee with the desserts, can we refill the cups with cocoa to take with us? We are such rule followers, we’d die if some CM tapped us on the shoulder and said “you’re not suppose to do that”.


My daughter tried at the exact first moment she was eligible for FPs, and could not get the BOG for lunch in January…no spaces available at anytime she is going…:disappointed:


I read somewhere FP+ for BOG aren’t opened until about a 1 month before your trip. Our trip starts Dec 2. I started trying about a week or two ago. Nothing. Tried again about a week ago and got Dec 3, but we didn’t want that day. The next day Dec 4 was open. And the next day, we got the late lunch on Dec 5, just want we wanted. So have DD keep trying.