Be Our Guest lunch wait time


We made ADRs for our June WDW trip - seven nights at Beach Club Villas in a 2-BR villa. We got everything we wanted - except BOG for dinner. We’ll keep checking back, but may need to opt for lunch there. Anyone have a ballpark estimate on wait times for lunch, since they don’t do ressies then?


I had a whole reply typed out and lost it.

I’ve not been to BoG but saw the huge line last summer. It looked like it was at least an hour long and people lined up really early, well before it opened. I’m hoping things have settled down but I doubt it.

I haven’t read a lot about Fastpass plus but I thought I read that one of your three MK Fastpasses could be for BoG. It might be worth it if you really want to eat there.


Try this. They are discussing BOG fastpass+ on another site and says this will get you an additional FP just for BOG.


We did a FP for BOG back in October. It was great though we did still have to wait a bit. The FP for lunch was not related to attraction FPs so we did not lose one of the 3 FPs we were due.


The line is loooong.

If they’re still doing FP+, the wait is considerably shorter. But that window to make the FP+ (using the link listed above) currently doesn’t open until maybe 3 weeks before? But we were able to use it in December to make a lunch ressie two days before we wanted it, easy-peasy.


That’s good to know, thanks for correcting my information.


Great info – thanks! We’re planning on trying it!