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I was listening the other day and they did one that was about what you would get rid of if you could and why. I thought it may be fun to do it here. I know we try and keep it positive on here, but this could maybe aid Disney world in improving lol. Name the resort, attraction, table service and counter service you could see go, or at least improve upon… So here is mine:

Resort: The Grand Floridian. I know it’s the “best” deluxe resort and I’ve only been in the lobby and 2 restaurants, but I got a bad vibe in there. Almost like if you didn’t have on a petticoat or a top hat and a monocle you werent welcome there. It was very stuffy. Also, im not a big fan of Victorian themed things.

Attraction: Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. It just wasn’t funny. I dont even think my 6 year old would like it.

Table Service: Hollywood Brown Derby. I’m sorry but it just was not good. Either improve it or get rid of it.

Counter Service: I haven’t had too many counter services so im just going to go with one that sticks out in my mind the most…food court at Pop. Just keep the tie-dye cheesecake and call it a day lol

What are yours?


My only change off the top of my head was to alter Cosmic Rays so you can order all the same stuff at every window. Sometimes I want a salad when every one else wants a hamburger, so I have to give in. That should be a change.

Also, I think that they could do better with the electric umbrella. While it is not inedible, I think that there are so many other dining options in Epcot, that I only went there when I was a teenager.

For fine dining, no complaints, but I wish they still had as much variety on them as pre dining plan. I am thinking of the Italian place in Epcot, post reopening this year. It was delicious however, and I would go back in a heartbeat


For rides, I am not a big complainer, but I think if they introduced variety into Monsters inc, and Crush… That would help a lot. It is a cute concept, they just need to keep it fresh.
My family says to change Stitch, add more to the peoplemover, add more rides to Animal Kingdom, add more rides to the countries in Epcot.

I just came up with adding a Cars section back behind Big Thunder Mountain. Bridge over the train tracks.


I might make some small changes but nothing major. There are resorts that aren’t my style, attractions we don’t do, and restaurants I didn’t care for but they keep guests away from the places we like and that’s a good thing.


First, I would be horribly sad if they got rid of HBD. It has been wonderful every time we visit, and the service has been as stellar as the food! Second, GF is on our “someday” list! I think this proves that WDW has something for everyone, so I would not get rid of anything at all.

If I had to change something, it might be to make it mandatory to have a room key in order to board a bus from Marketplace. The last trip, we were overwhemled with people who had parked at Marketplace for a day at the parks. I have no idea why, but Disney just lets them all board the buses for Port Orleans, where they will get a connection to the parks. It created a lot of congestion and it was unfair that they were scamming free parking. Boo.


…hmmm… I think that looking at the fact that WDW watches reservations at resorts, and entrance numbers at attractions, food sales etc…I believe that if something isn’t working somewhere, they change it…I may not like something but…somebody out there does…I personally could do without any signature restaurants at WDW…we don’t ever go to nice restaurants while there…we go at home and don’t go To WDW for the food so …just our way of doing things…we stay in moderate or value resorts because it’s just a bed to sleep in…we don’t use any facilities but the food court…so resorts don’t matter to me…I’ve visited a lot of them though and there are so beautiful resorts there…

…our first family visit to WDW, we had to show our resort card they gave us in order to get on the bus…it was a pain to deal with but only resort guests used the buses at that time…


Resort: All-Star Sports. It is really showing it’s age and wear and tear. It is the bottom rung of the value ladder and unfortunately it is showing it.

Attraction: American Idol Experience. A lot of wasted space for an attraction that runs only a few hours out of the day. They show played out a couple of years ago.

Table Service: Sanaa. I hate Indian food.

Counter Service: ABC Commissary. Another huge waste of space. It is usually fairly empty yet seems to stretch on forever! Not really a need for elimination just downsizing and a menu retooling.


I can’t imagine getting rid of the Grand Floridian!:ohmy: We absolutely love it! The gingerbread house at Christmas is so charming and having afternoon tea is one of the highlight of my trips. I can’t really think of any resort I’d like to get rid of…maybe re-vamp…

I could easily do without both Test Track and Mission Space - I mourn the loss of Horizons and World of Motion.

At MK add Stitch’s Disgusting Adventure - what a loser! Does anyone like this?

Actually there’s quite a few things we don’t bother with, but I realize that everyone is different and likes different things.

As for restaurants - as long as they don’t mess with the tuna sandwich at Columbia Harbour House, I’m good.