Be Our Guest podcast


I was listening the other day and they did one that was about what you would get rid of if you could and why. I thought it may be fun to do it here. I know we try and keep it positive on here, but this could maybe aid Disney world in improving lol. Name the resort, attraction, table service and counter service you could see go, or at least improve upon… So here is mine:

Resort: The Grand Floridian. I know it’s the “best” deluxe resort and I’ve only been in the lobby and 2 restaurants, but I got a bad vibe in there. Almost like if you didn’t have on a petticoat or a top hat and a monocle you werent welcome there. It was very stuffy. Also, im not a big fan of Victorian themed things.

Attraction: Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. It just wasn’t funny. I dont even think my 6 year old would like it.

Table Service: Hollywood Brown Derby. I’m sorry but it just was not good. Either improve it or get rid of it.

Counter Service: I haven’t had too many counter services so im just going to go with one that sticks out in my mind the most…food court at Pop. Just keep the tie-dye cheesecake and call it a day lol

What are yours?