Be Our Guest Reservations Now Available!


Starting today, you can now book reservations for “Be Our Guest” Dinner at Beasts Castle! Online reservations begin on the 22nd.

The reservations are available to start eating there late November.


Make sure you speak to a CM and do not use the automated phone system. It is failing to take credit info and they are saying all reservations without the card info will be deleted at midnight. I was also told November and December are filling up fast. Long hold times.


Long hold times? How about for hours “all circuits are busy…”

So frustrated but I hope, if I can’t get an ADR, that we can slip in a quick lunch


Hit redial repeatedly. I got through on the fifth try. Waited on hold 25 minutes.


Did our try online reservations?


online reservations are not available until August 22nd.

I got through, finally, and got told that nothing is available for evenings during our trip Dec. 1-10.
We’re going to see if we can get in at lunch one day


I would call again first thing in the morning. I have a feeling there will be a lot of cancellations tonight. If not keep trying once they come online.


I’ll try it online.

If it’s not working, I am sure that, if I haven’t been lucky by the time we check in, I might get lucky through the concierge at our resort :happy:


Thanks Rowdy! My DW has been watching this very closely but has been ill the past few days and missed this. She’s already hot on the phone right now.


I have heard they do soft openings for the restaurants where it is walk up only. Does anyone know if this is true? We are going Nov 2 - Nov 10 and I would love to catch lunch or dinner here.


I was really really hoping they’d open early Oct so I could try it out but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be! I will casually oh so slowly stroll by and see if they need any menu tasters!


Brilliant idea :whistling


As of yesterday, reservations are completely booked through February. :frowning:


don’t cry, there are bound to be cancellations. The ressies were made by Disney nuts. I am sure some of them made those ADRs in hopes that they can make it to WDW.