Be Our Guest


So, Be our Guest will be the first MK restaurant to serve adult beverages. Thoughts?


Not necessary.


I don’t have a problem with them being served in MK itself but not to keen on Fantasy Land, an area that primarily caters to small children being the spot chosen as the 1st.
I would’ve thought someplace like Tony’s or LTT would’ve been a better choice for wine & ale.


I am not a drinker, so it doesn’t really affect me, but I don’t think it should be a problem. Most people will have a drink or two with their dinner. So long as there is not a bar, I doubt you’d see a lot of heavy drinking.


I sort of like the fact MK had no adult beverages.


I am not much of an adult beverage person, but I have had no problem with alcohol served at the other parks. The MK though…I’m not a fan…and I have a hard time understanding why it’s necessary…except to bring in more money.

I will say that with the summer heat and ease of obtaining it, there were quite a few “way too happy” people bumping around at EPCOT last month. I would hate to see that at the MK…where the crowds are more concentrated and more family based…Just my opinion…but what’s next? We already know the’ve relaxed the rules on obscene t shirts…I just hate to see these changes…MK is the “original—the one and only”… Hopefully they will monitor this but I’m sure if they sell it at BOG, it will eventually be sold everywhere in that park.

Just another change we have to live with I guess.


I’m totally against it being served at MK. I feel like it is contrary to Walt’s vision for the park. I have no problem with it being served at the other three parks, but at MK, the whole theme is childlike and is supposed to bring us back to a another time.


Well Deb Wills sure got some very riled up responses on FB and Twitter over this. It seems a lot of the people who responded assumed that Alcohol would now be served all over the MK and there would be staggering drunks everywhere.

Really all they are doing is offering some very expensive wine and beer at the new fine dining restaurant, Be Our Guest.

I have no problem at all with that. In fact, I always found it quite annoying that I could only drink water with my dinner at the MK restaurants. (I don’t drink soda) I enjoy a glass of wine with my meal when I eat out.


I guess the reason it doesn’t bother me at this point is it will be offered exclusively in a restaurant during dining. What it could eventually lead to, I don’t know. I do know that I have witnessed on more than one occasion guests in MK that were inebriated after hopping from Epcot, dining at the resorts, or who knows where so the presence is already there.

Walt was all about being family oriented, but he was also believer in changing for the future and if he were alive today and allowed alcohol in the other 3 parks I believe he would’ve also allowed limited consumption in MK by now.

If I can handle having to walk through a disgusting cloud of smoke from someone smoking I can definitely handle someone having a glass of wine or two with their dinner.


I don’t mind the change. Limiting it to one restaurant shouldn’t cause problems of intoxication throught the park. If they decided to intall a bar as part of the Fantasyland expansion, that’s another thing. I believe this is a family restaurant for dining, not a place for groups of adults to spend an evening drinking.


NO… MK is a family oriented park. Alcohol and family does not mix. Period. (and to add a point. I also do drink occassionally with my meal, so I’m not against alcohol in general, just at the Magic Kingdom.)


I think it’s great news. It has always annoyed me that MK didn’t have adult beverages. There will always be some people who over indulge - but as a responsible adult, I should have the option.


I would have liked to see MK remain a dry park. I think of childhood and innocence when I think of the MK. If it continues to be limited to just a glass of wine or beer with dinner then it will be fine, but if it is expanded I would be very disappointed.


The primary reason why we never eat at any of the full service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom is the lack adult beverages. I like a glass or two of wine with my dinner. To me this a plus.

Most of the character lunches/dinners in the other parks are really geared to children and they serve adult beverages. How is this different?


Club 33 at Disneyland has adult beverages since it opened. So why not at have one place at MK at WDW.


I am not for it, but it honestly doesn’t effect me one way or another. I like an adult beverage or three, but not at meals and never in the parks. Just my preference. I prefer them at the resort at the end of a long disney day…lol


As the commercial says, “membership has its privileges”:phone:.
That’s my comment about Club 33.

My comment about adult beverages in MK restaurants is this: I honestly haven’t seen anyone in a Disney park that looked like they were smashed and out of control. I’m sure there are, but if they’ve been drunk, I’ve never seen it. I doubt that anyone will be getting tanked and then going out into the wild to act drunk in front of kids other than the occasional lush, and that lush could just as easily come from the Outer Rim.

I don’t drink so this doesn’t affect me and it doesn’t affect the wife. So I can take it or leave it, it makes no difference.

Note: I’m going to use the phone emoticon in place of happy because it looks happier and you really don’t know if that’s a phone or a thumb up.:phone:


Well said.


Not a fan of it …
NOW … Everyone who read this get up from the floor !!! :pirate:


I’m on the keep it traditional side. Walt’s vision was to keep MK for the family. Everyone has options to enjoy beverages elsewhere within Disney. I don’t understand why every park has to offer the same exact thing. After viewing some loud, obnoxious drunks over at Epcot this past week (I saw first hand some very wide eyed kids not knowing what was going on), I just feel there should be one place that the possibility of that happening would be very slim.