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I have been out of the Disney loop for a bit, but I have missed the review of this restaurant under this thread? It has been opened for a little while now and I was wondering what people thought of the food there. Happy New Year everyone!!


We had dinner there in early December and loved it.

We’ll be going back!


I’ll get there eventually.
Not sure if it will be while they’re still on menu ver. 1.0 or if it will be ver. 2.0.
Sometimes it’s better to wait a little while for things to settle in.
On the other hand, I will be attempting to get myself into the new California Grill as soon as I can manage it, regardless of menu.


May I ask those who have been to BOG already to explain what is different and special about the food or experience?


You mean besides it’s Beast’s castle?
Menu looked French inspired. And you can buy booze!
But it was late, and dark, and the area was deserted. That’s because it was nearing midnight during a Christmas party.
Their “buy buy” store didn’t impress me at all.


I will be there in a month. Everyone I have spoken to that has eaten there says it is one of the best experiences on the property. Great food and service. Of course that could all change when the menu gets revised.


We ate lunch there on 12/31/12. It is a limited menu, but it was good. The main banquet hall is nice and the rose room is pretty. The west wing is very dark and did not impress me. Service is very fast. You order your food, and they give you this plastic disc (rose). You find your own table and they bring your order right out based on the rose (gps or some other type of tracking). Would like to go back for dinner when we go back in the spring.


Lunch is quick serve. Dinner is sit down.


had dinner there. LOVED IT. I had salmon and my wife had a pork chop. Food was excellent. Nice to be able to get a glass of wine w dinner there too. Reasonably priced. The venue is just toooo magnificent to be missed.
To the person who mentioned Ca Grill, heard it will be down until August, 2013. I’ve not heard WHAT it will be… Ca Grill 2.0??? Supposed to go down this month or early Feb.


I am hoping to try BOG for lunch in March.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1127439]And you can buy booze!

Wonder if Tony’s will follow suit soon? I mean, I like a glass of red with my meats-a-balls.


>>Wonder if Tony’s will follow suit <<
Good question. somehow I doubt it in the near future…but that’s pure speculation.
At BOG, you can only get a glass of wine, beer or champagne at dinner. NOT available at lunch.
Then you have Gaston’s “Tavern,” and Liberty Tree "Tavern, Tortuga "Tavern,"etc etc…