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I know that BoG is fully booked for the remainder of eternity, however do you know if they accept walk ins? If they do has anyone done it and how long did they wait. We are going the 2nd week of September and I am hoping it will be empty enough to maybe score a walk up!?:huh:


you can go during lunch time. i hear the line goes super fast then.


Yea but it’s also a different experience. We really want dinner


A week ago, I’d say sure, you’ll get a walk up. September crowds are so low. But, now they just offered free dining during the month of September. So, even if the crowds are low, there are going to be a lot of people looking to get those reservations. Doesn’t hurt to try, but just have a plan B if it doesn’t work out.


we are going end of september I got i just called back every day it is the last day we are there … when i called I was first told no it is booked … she checked again and someone cancelled. so i would call every day… good luck


Also make sure you try the 45 day mark because that is final payment day and many people wait until the last minute to cancel reservations and dining. Good luck!


Ooooh that’s a good idea. The 45 day thing. Thanks!


I have talked to some cast members and they told me that if you get there around 4pm you have the best chance of getting a walking. I strongly recommend trying to go. I set up a resize 6 months in advance and took my wife for her birthday and they made it very special and the food was great.


They are currently not accepting any walk-ins like they did when they first opened. It’s that booked. Go for lunch, but even then, be there by 11am.


As lunch and dinner in the same dining room?