Beach Club changes


Got to visit the Beach Club and noticed that the wicker sofa’s are gone from the lobby. Not only that, but the color scheme has changed from the soft colorful pastels to a brown and gold color. It’s going to take some getting used to. They now have regular sofas tucked against the windows of the lobby. Strange.

Personally, I loved the soft colors and wicker sofas. It all said come, relax, enjoy. This new color scheme is a bit to formal for my tastes.

Any comments, thoughts from others??



Do you have any pictures Frank? I would love to see the changes. I have never been to that resort, but have seen many pictures of it. Sorry they changed the lobby on you.


I haven’t seen the new decor - but I loved the old one. It felt so beachy and relaxing. The wicker was so pretty. Brown and gold doesn’t sound right for a Beach Club.


That’s no good! I always look forward to the fresh, casual feel of that lobby. Pics please…


Ah, something we disagree on! :laugh:

Wicker? Not a fan!

But I love that there’s a posting about a change in decor. This is the sort of thing that I’m all about. I’ve never stayed there, but I do have to know what everything looks like.

I get cranky that room pictures at allears can be out of date.


I’m going to go look right now, but for room pictures (and lots more WDW pictures), be sure to check out

Here’s a link to photos of all the different resorts:


>>It felt so beachy and relaxing. The wicker was so pretty. Brown and gold doesn’t sound right for a Beach Club.<<

“Beachy” is the perfect word. It looks too formal now. I don’t have any photos, sorry.



Oh No!!! I always wanted to stay there when I had enough money – I hope they keep the same feel somehow!!!


Personally,I always found the wicker sofas to be a bit uncomfortable while waiting to dine at Cape May Cafe.


Well, I’m not a wicker fan, per se. But in the right setting I like it, with lots of filmy, breezy white muslin curtains, and pastel stripes - ahh - and the Beach Club was the right setting. It was all I had after Dana DESTROYED my images of the Jersey Shore (doesn’t “the Shore” sound romantic?) But she told me it wasn’t - SHATTERING my dreams. :crying:


We were there in April. I don’t specifically remember anything with the furniture, but they were replacing all of the light fixtures in the lobby. The new fixtures were more ornamental.


WOAH WOAH WOAH, wwwaaaaiiiiitttt a minute here. I need to have a personal conversation with Dana. I LIVE on the Jersey shore and I can tell you with FULL confidence the shore here is BEAUTIFUL, spotless, romantic, clean, and GORGEOUS!! Just this morning I drove about 9 miles of the shore from Sandy Hook Beach down to Long Branch passing manicured little cafes and shops, cabana and beach clubs, beautiful rock formations that are AMAZING to watch the sunrise on. I lived in south Florida for 12 years and I can honestly say the shore here is ALOT more kept and beautiful that many on West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

Here is a picture of the beach behind our house, this isn’t the ocean, it’s the bay but I am not sure how someone could NOT call this romantic.

Llama… I hope ytou have some faith in the shore restored!!!

(PS: sorry for the threadjacking but I am like the official Jersey Shore defender, hehe)


Well - that certainly looks beautiful to me. HOW could Dana LIE to me??? :crying: Excuse me - I have to go write a PM… :crying: :crying:

(ok - I know - threadjacking - back to the regularly sponsored thread)


Llama I have PLENTY more pictures ALL ALONG the shore and the ocean, you’d be impressed… trust me. YOU GO WRITE THAT PM TO DANA!!! I think I need to invite her over for a bar-b-que here on the shore!! :wink:


I live about an hour from the Jersey Shore, and we go all the time in the summer… and the actual truth is that Wish and Dana are both right!

There are beautiful, lovely, spotless stretches of sand dunes and seagrass and beach roses and sunrises and seagulls and dolphins… some near lovely romantic towns filled with flowers, Victorian b&b’s, sidewalk cafes and charming boutiques, kites in the air, the aroma of clean salt air… all within sight of the surf and sugary sand.

There are also boardwalk areas filled with cheap counter-service restaurants, branding parlors, intense guys hawking their unwinnable carnival games to innocent children, cigarette butts, garbage cans overflowing and surrounded by miles of asphalt parking lots, liquor stores and nasty cheap hotels.

And that is the truth… really!


Sorry it’s not my cup of tea. I am speaking of Wildwood. I find it to be dirty and crowded . Just my opinion of it. My DBF loves it down there and my parents own a condo there. I personally don’t like it. I hate the dirty ocean and the nasty beaches. I am certain there are nice parts of the jersey shore, but the parts I am familiar with don’t do it for me. My opinion on the Jersey shore to llama was not a personal attack to you in anyway, so let’s keep this out of here. If you wish to have a “personal conversation” with me, you can pm me anytime you want to.

Now, back to the original intent of this thread. Sorry for the jacking.


You’re absolutely right, Miss Disney - both Dana and Wish are right.

Now ladies, please don’t quarrel on my behalf. :heart: “The Shore” is a joke between Dana and me, because when I was little I read “The Bobbsey Twins At The Shore” and I thought it was the most beautiful, romantic thing I ever heard. When she mentioned “The Shore” to me, I told her about that. And when I saw the Beach Club, that’s exactly how I pictured it. (and because I usually live in LA-LA Land I’ll just go right on believing that the BC is “The Shore” to me) :angel:

And I’m sure that you’re both right.


I have never been to wish’s part of the shore, so I have no idea what conditions her beach are in. I am only speaking from I personally have experience with. As we all know, the jersey shore isn’t just one spot and there for can be DIFFERENT in DIFFERENT areas. I am not a liar and have not mislead anyone with my opinions. How can you mislead someone with an opinion? Now, this thread has officially been jacked and we need to get back on topic here. This is nonsense. I am not going to continue to defend my opinion that has NOTHING to do with where Wish lives.