Beach Club Conceirge Lounge Questions


To anyone who has stayed at the BC conceirge. A few questions:

  1. I found some photos of the lounge, I see plenty of tables and chairs, but do they have any other seating, such as overstuffed chairs or couches, as in other Disney Resort lounges? We have really enjoyed just relaxing in the evening, during conceirge stays at other Disney resorts.

  2. Is the room size the same as non-concierge rooms?

  3. Can you see anything from the Concierge balcony? Such as illuminations?

  4. How would you compare the BC conceirge to others, such as the Poly or elsewhere?



Wow… I’ve never been lucky enough to even say the words Beach Club Concierge Lobby!!!

When you get back from your trip, please give us each and every detail!! I’m pretty sure I will never get there!


No real idea, sorry. But have you seen Deb’s link on the lounge?

Good luck, and have fun!


I stayed at the Boardwalk Concierge. My room was huge. You could see Illuminations from the deck of the concierge lounge. I know they are different resorts, but I hear that they are very similar in a lot of respects. Hope that helps somewhat.


Thanks. When you stayed at the BW conceirge, did it appear to be kid friendly to you? We have two small ones. We’ve stayed at the BC numerous other times, but non-conceirge, and the atmosphere is always VERY kid friendly. When we stayed at the YC, it didn’t have quite the same feel, and seemed more orientated to adults, although kids are always welcome at all Disney resorts, it just didn’t have the same vibe as the BC. The BW conceirge sounded VERY nice, and photos appeared very nice. Thanks!