Beach Club or Boardwalk...can't decide!


Hi, This is my first time posting, in fact I just joined up yesterday! My husband, 3 yr old daughter and myself are heading to Disney :mickey: at the end of Sept. Normally we stay outside of Disney, but decided to try a WDW resort this trip.

:wacko: I am stressing myself out over where to stay! We have now narrowed it down to either Beach Club or Boardwalk. Any thoughts on which would be best for a three year old? Resort activities, plus pool are important to us.

My daughter loves the elephants by the Boardwalk pool, but I really like the idea of Storm-a-long Bay. HELP!

Thanks :flowers:


My suggestion is to surf over to Deb Wills website ( and check out her photos of the two resorts. I think the big thing is which theme appeals to you the most. Both resorts pretty much have the same amenities and are in the same general area. My personal preference would be the Beach Club. Either way you can’t loose. Don’t you wish all your decisions would end in a great experience like this one will?


I think the Beach Club would be great!!! I do not know alot about the Boardwalk, but the Beach Club has a great pool and is walking distance to Epcot!! Then you could also walk over there and jump on the monorail to go to MK!!!


What a tough decision.
The area you picked is the best in my opinion. It’s so nice to be able to walk to Epcot and boat to MGM.
As far as which hotel…very tough. We stayed at the BC because of the pool. And you are still right across from the Boardwalk and can enjoy that area also.


i haven’t stayed at Boardwalk, but it does seem like a beautiful resort. Persoally though, my idea of a dream come true at WDW is staying at the Beach club! We stayed there many years ago, when I was a kid and my family brought me-now that i’m old enough to have to pay for my own vacations, both the BW and BC are completely out of reach for me! haha :laugh: Highly recommend the beach club, great pool, great atmosphere, just a beautiful, fun place.


Another vote for the beach club…my boss and his family just came back a couple weeks ago from staying there and they LOVED it! Their group included 4 kids, ages 4, 5, 6 and 11.

Also, you can see what the inside of the rooms look like by checking out suite disney at


Thank you all for your thoughts…I appreciate it! I am now de-stressed and have booked The Beach Club! One month from now we will be in Disney World…YIPPPEEEE!


Great for you!!
You are gona love the BC.
Have Fun!!


i recommend the beach club. your 3 year old will love it there. the BC is geared for family friendly fun. you’ll love the scenery, the friendly service, the Cape May Cafe with Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale, the sand bottom pool, and very easy access to MGM and Epcot. check out and for pictures and info on both resorts to come to a decision. good luck!!


Yup, I’m voting for Beach Club as well. Excellent pool and close to MGM & Epcot. Plus, Cape May Cafe!!!



cj… welcome to DC! You will love it here! At Stormalong Bay, there is an area that has a sand beach, and it is absolutely crawling with 3-year-olds, toting little pails and shovels and digging to their hearts’ content! You have never seen so many darling little ones, with their adorable bathing suits that make their little diaper-clad selves look unbelievably cute! And they are so happy to play with each other, even though they have never met! And the pool in that area is really shallow, plus, you have plenty of chairs, chaises and tables in the shade. You made a terrific choice! Oh, and Cape May Cafe is great for little ones, because they can get food right away!


We have stayed at the boardwalk, and it is beautiful, but a bit noisier. We love it, but the BC is also beautiful…good choice!
Enjoy the Boardwalk one evening, take a stroll along the water.
Have a great time


You’ll love the Beach Club! We stayed there last year. My children were 3.5 and 1.5 and they couldn’t get enough of Stormalong Bay. I agree with everyone else about the Cape May Cafe, too. The character breakfast is awesome!


Another Beach Club vote, we love both the Yacht and Beach Club mainly because of Stormalong Bay. Make sure to leave room after dinner for a trip to Beaches and Cream, one of the best ice cream shops in Disney!



Hi! We actually just got back from the Beach Club today. It was our 4th stay there, if you include our one stay at the Yacht Club. We stay on Disney property 6-8 times each year, and the Beach Club is becoming our favorite. We have a 3 yr. old, and they by far have the best pool area, and there’s just SO much to do at the boardwalk resort area in general. The BC we feel has more of a family “buzz.” In fact, we love it so much, after this past stay, we’ve decided to change our Christmas stay from the Contemporary to the BC! We have stayed at every deluxe disney resort at least twice, and each moderate at least once, although once we started staying deluxe a few years ago, there was no turning back. I also reccomend concierge, it’s GREAT, especially with little ones, and the BC has a very nice concierge level.

Have a great time!!!