Beach Club Question


We’re taking my Mom down to WDW Dec 2010. I’ve booked a 2 bedroom at the Villas and have requested an Epcot view. We’ve had Epcot view before and it was enjoyable but I was wondering if maybe there is another view that I’m not aware of that would make the trip even more enjoyable for Mom. Does anyone know of another pretty view? Thanks.


We like the Epcot view with a high floor. The kids love the windows rattling from the fireworks.

We’ve never had a view that we preferred more. We always try to get a high floor. Some of the lower levels/ground level are fairly open to the public and you will end up with the blinds closed all of the time.


An Epcot view is probably your best bet at the Villas. Our last view was of the lawns between the Beach Club and the Villas. It was pretty - but you couldn’t see the fireworks.


Another vote for the epcot view. Especially if it’s cold out. Instead of waiting in the cold for the fireworks, you just step outside. We had a 5th floor and was looking at the back of soaring and I was soooooo sad. I thought what a crummy view, until nighttime. We had to turn our chairs sideways and look to the right, but it was very nice to sit with a cup of hot cocoa and watch the fireworks. Of course we didn’t see all the fireworks, some of those darn trees are growing too much. Next time I’ll bring a chain saw with me. :laugh:


Other than the quiet pool view there really isn’t another view.


They may also say there isn’t really an “Epcot View” after Soaring was added. I still ask for the Epcot side of the property. We’ve gotten our choice (5th floor Epcot-side) about half of the time. The other times were 4th floor Epcot or the quiet pool side.

The only time I will push the CM for a new location is if we are on the 1st floor.