Beach Club Question


Last year we stayed at POR and had a very interesting time with the buses. This year we decided to stay a BC to avoid the buses. My question is, if we stay for extra magic hours at MK will we be able to take the monarail to epcot afterwords and get to our resort through the international gateway?Im thinking not because the park will be closed and we will have to take the bus. Small price to pay if thats the case since we hopefully will only have to use them for that and not much more other than getting to AK. We will be able to walk to Epcot and use the monarail from there to get to MK and MGM is a walk or boat ride away as well.


When we went last year the bus system was running quite well. Little to no delays, and the buses weren’t packed… I was impressed, as the year before was horrible (but to their credit the busing system was changing making for longer delays while they worked out various kinks)

But I believe you won’t be able to get through Epcot since the park itself will be closed. Another suggestion is to take a bus to a place like Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin and walk around the lake… It’s beautiful to look at at night!!


Once epcot is closed you will not be able to take the monorail there so bus is your option!


An option would be to take the monrail to Epcot, and spend $7.00 taking a cab to the Beach Club. However, the monorail gets pretty packed afetr the MK closes also.


You’re going to be using your resort’s buses more than you hoped.
However, usually for the MK, buses break into two routes, either Yacht/Beach or Swan/Dolphin/ Boardwalk.
Depending on time of year and how crowded the parks are, the AK and DTD bus could also be split, otherwise, it’s one bus for all 5, which isn’t much different from the POR’s 5 stops.
There is no bus to Epcot because the International Gateway was built for the Crescent Lake hotels and the only transportation to the Studios is via Friendship (or hoof).
As others have said, once the park is closed, you won’t be allowed into Epcot to get to your hotel and Epcot closes every night (except EMH night) at 9 PM.


It’s been a few years since we’ve been at POR, but I don’t remember thier busing system being all that bad.
However, the few times we’ve been at the BC and then taken the bus somewhere, it has been the longest, hottest, most crowded ride of our whole trip. I can’t remember right now where we were going each time, DTD maybe? We seemed to have a lot of stops on the way.


From the looks of everything we will use the bus system in the EMH mornings and EMH in the evenings.We never have problems in the morning and we will leave before park close at night so this works for us. The rest of the time we hope to not us it. Thanks for the input.


Bus from MK to BC is not bad.

First stop is YC, then over to BC. We’ve never had a bus make additional stops other than those two.