Beach Club Resort-- Air Conditioning Unit


I will be staying at the Beach Club Resort in October. This is a strange question, but by chance I thought someone might be able to give me some insight. I am traveling with my best friend, we travel often together. She is cold natured and I am hot natured. Since the beach club has interior door entry, I am wondering where the A/C airflow comes from and which direction it blows (over which bed). We get 2 queen beds, but she also likes to sleep on a certain side of the bed. I know not many other people even pat attention to this type of thing, but I was hoping maybe just one person might keep track of these things. Previous we have stayed in Port Orleans rooms and she usually sleeps in the bed the farthest from the A/C. I have a feeling the A/C at the beach club has a different air flow. Any thoughts appreciated.


If i rememember correctly the air blows across the ceiling so the bed farthest from the vent should be the coolest.


Most hotel rooms are laid out the same.
With exterior entry, the A/C is either some sort of wall unit under the window or in the corner opposite the door, but still next to the window. All Disney exterior entry rooms have a corner in room A/C.
For interior entry rooms, the A/C vent is above the entry hallway wall with the thermostat on that wall or perhaps in the entry hallway next to the closet.
I’d suggest checking out where the coolest air comes down before choosing your bed. This is especially true when the room has a reversible ceiling fan, as the mods and deluxes have.


Thank you, appreciate the response. As I know it is a weird question.


Thank you, appreciate the answer. As crazy as the question may seem.