Beach Club Resort - Tips & Suggestions?


We are staying at BC for the first time this year and are very excited. :slight_smile: Usually we stay at a moderate…so this is a HUGE splurge for us that we may not be able to afford again any time soon.

Can you give some advice on maximizing our enjoyment of this location?

Thanks in advance for any ideas you can share! :slight_smile: :mickey: :mickey:


Make sure you set some time back for swimming–the pool is awesome and something you don’t want to miss. We can easily spend a whole day plus lots of breaks swimming and having lunch at Beaches and Cream.


Your itinerary should dictate the room/building in which you want to stay.
When it was just DW and I we stayed a short walk to EPCOT. When we had the tribe, we stayed close to the pool.


I’d definitely make time in your schedule for the pool. It is the best on Disney property,plus Beaches and Cream for lunch!!!


The pool is a must. The kids love playing on the “beach”.

The kids also love the Ariel statue at the entrance to the Villas. First stop to say “Good Morning Ariel” and last stop before bedtime to say “Good Night!”

We like to take the kids on an evening stroll around the Boardwalk prior to turning in for the night. Watch out for those “crazy bikes” yells my 3yo. We usually catch the fireworks from Illuminations as well.

Spoodles at the Boardwalk is a favorite, but I won’t go into detail here. There are quite a few “Spoodles” threads lately! Beachs and Cream for Ice Cream. The new marketplace in the hotel has some cool treats as well.

For an evening trip to MK, we like to walk to Epcot and take the monorail to the park. Not the quickest, but a fun trip. :mickey: (We take the bus back.)

Have fun! :pirate:



Oh, thanks for the good tips Elmo! Everyone says make time for the pool and Beaches & Cream–so we will… But I may not have known about the statue of Ariel! And DD, age 4, LOVES :heart: LOVES :heart: LOVES :heart: Ariel.

I had contemplated walking through EPCOT to the monorail to go to MK (via the TTC)… I thought it might be a worthwhile jaunt to avoid collapsing two strollers (a double and an umbrella) and unloading all our gear to get on a bus… Do you have to go through the International Gateway into EPCOT and out the front of EPCOT to get to the monorail station? Or is there away AROUND EPCOT to the monorail station at the front of EPCOT? Please advise…

I’ve stayed at Boardwalk ONCE, briefly (2 night stay with another couple) BC (before kids). This year our children are 6, 4, and 2. I’m sure they’ll all warn us to watch out for the crazy bikes! But I was thinking it might be fun to rent one of those surrey bikes to take a ride with the whole fam-damily. :slight_smile: :laugh:


If there is a way around, we have not found it. We walk thru the International Gateway to Epcot, thru the park, out the front entrance to the monorail station. Again, for us, it is traveling on the Monorail that is fun. You get a different view on the trip! We have a 5yo and a 3yo who share a double stroller. Remember too, you have to change trains at the Transportation Station.

Also, if you have a double stroller, ask to ride in the car for the physically challenged, assuming it is not needed. There is enough space for a wheelchair, more than enough room for the double-wide stroller. We’ve never had a problem that way. You can get from Epcot to MK without folding up the strollers - sometimes the hardest part of the journey!


Question: At Stormalong Bay…do you have to rent the innertubes shown in the pictures? Or can you just grab one as they float by? Do you have to check one out at your room key? How does that work…

Also… how do they keep non-resort guests from using the pool? DH stayed off property for a conference once and tooled over to BC to check it out last year…he said he walked right into the pool with nobody stopping him… Do you have to wear wristbands or anything that identifies you as a resort guest? Just curious…because I’ve heard a lot about how the pools are only for the guests of a particular resort…


You are going to love that location! And pool of course.

Plan some meals in the World Showcase area at Epcot.
As long as you have park hoppers, it’s a great chance to sample some of Disneys best resturants.


I think we had to rent the innertube a couple of years ago. The last time we stayed at BC we bought a noodle at the pool and used that for the week. I think it was $5 and at the end of our stay I found two little girls and gave them our two noodles. I brough hammock slings with us to use with the noodles, way better than an innertube.

You can walk around the pool as a non-guest but in order to swim at BC you need a wrist band.


We stayed at the Yacht Club - same resort, just the “left side.” - lol…

I can’t stress enough that you must allow plenty of time to utilize Stromalong Bay! We’re going to WDW December of 2007 and probably staying at the All-Star Family Suites, but we’re still trying to figure out how we can come up with the extra funds to stay at YC/BC - just because of Stormalong Bay - and, of course, location, location, location! We think the Epcot area resorts are by far the best at which we’ve stayed. (We also stayed at the Dolphin). The short walk to the International entrance of Epcot is great and the boat ride to MGM is very convenient!

Good luck and have a great time!!


My tip for the area concerns the busses. When we stayed at Swan, we would leave a park and hop on the first available bus (BW, Dolphin, BC etc.) Also was good to take advantage of the walk to MGM (as you know from your stay at BW).

If you have adult time, I like jellyrolls as well.


Not sure about the inner tubes, but I know there was no charge for the kids’ swim vests. Just had to show the room key.

Wrist bands are normally issued for the guests.


I’ll throw in another vote for the pool. It is the only resort on property that has guards on duty requiring DNA testing to make sure you are legitimately staying at the resort to grant admission just to step on the pool deck! Therefor, you know it is something special. All jokes aside, the pool is breath taking and by far my favorite pool on Disney property.

Beaches and Cream is also another great suggestion. They have wonderful milkshakes and desserts as well as good food. If you really have the money to splurge… Yachtsman Steakhouse is probably my favorite restuarant on Disney property as well.

One last suggestion. Yacht and Beach Club are absolutely beautiful resorts. Make sure you take lots of pictures to capture the memories. You can always go back and look at the trip, 'cause it is a hard resort to soak in all at once.


Thanks for all the great tips! I’ll have to figure out what the noodle hammock is…lol…sounds… um… uh… interesting! lol… :blush:

After I read all the tips I had to go back and re-evalute some things to allow for more time at the pool… Certainly we’ll have ample time on check out day… I assume they’ll let us stay at the pool even if we are checking out that day??? (Otherwise I am going to breally be :mad: )

I have a couple of free times planned throughout the week–so we’ll earmark those for pool, too… We usually try to do 2 days at TL, but it looks like once will be enough! :slight_smile:

We are very excited about this location–first time we’ve stayed at an EPCOT resort since having kids–so the convenience is not lost on us… We loved CSR, but it was too far away from it all! I look forward to walking to MGM or EPCOT… so much easier for us with strollers…


Thanks for all the info! We’re hoping to stay at BCV next spring. I’m crossing my fingers it won’t be all booked. It sounds like such a fun place to stay! We loved Stormalong Bay when we spent a day at the resort before Disney stopped allowing guests from other resorts to pool-hop there. Now that was a LONG time ago. :happy:


First of all, as everyone else has said I’m sure, THE POOL! Take some time to go around the pool, it is the best pool in the world I think! Also take some time to just walk around the whole resort itself because i’m sure that if you do it more than once you will find new and exciting things each time! I suggest that you take a book or eat breakfast from the marketplace in the Solarium. Me and my family did it and was awesome and relaxing. Another thing I think is a must do is go take a look around the marketplace. Get some gelato or as I said before some breakfast. It is delightful!:wub: