Beach Club transportation


Was wondering what different opinions are going to different parks from the Beach Club. To go to MK, would you walk through EPCOT and then go on the monorail? Are the boats to MGM comparable to the boat ride to MK from WL? or is taking the buses better options? And finally, this may be a silly question, but when you go to EPCOT from BC do you “enter” the park through the International Gateway just like you would if you went through the front gates? I don’t remember seeing those machines that you put your park ticket through.


I wouldn’t, it seems like that would take too long and if Epcot hasn’t opened yet you couldn’t get through. I would take the bus.

I would say that it’s similar. It’s a short boat ride and we didn’t have a problem with wait times.

There are turnstyles at the back entrance just like in front, just fewer of them.


ssn, the bus service from BC is great for MK and AK… the Friendship Launch service to MGM is a rocking good time! And you have a choice for EC of a short walk to the International Gateway, or you can take a Friendship launch to the International Gateway…


For getting to the MK, if you walked through Epcot and then picked up the Monorail, you’d go to the TTC and have to switch monorails there to get to the MK.

It would surley take longer than the bus, but if you are up for an adventure and some sight seeing it could be fun.


I don’t think that there is any “bus” service from the BC to MGM.
Just the boat or you could walk there also.


Another related question – we are staying at the Beach Club next fall and were not planning on renting a car (using Quicksilver). I have a hard time thinking why we would need a car, but would welcome any opinions otherwise. Just as an FYI, I am going with Dr. Teeth, my DM and two DSs (7 and 3).

Thanks in advance! :wub:


We have stayed at BC twice w/o a car and didn’t feel like we needed one. The transportation was good, we didn’t have to wait longer than 5-15 minutes for a bus.


I feel the same as DT, no car needed.
But even more so at the BC since it is so close to 2 main parks.


I have heard that the BC shares buses with Yacht,Swan & Dolphin and Boardwalk. Is this true,and are the buses very crowded,therefore?


That is true, all of the Epcot resorts do share some buses. One night when we were headed to DtD the bus was already pretty full whe it got to BC and there were several poeple waiting there. We were the last ones on and we were packed in tight.

However, I don’t remember sharing all the buses.


Thanks for all the responses! We are so looking forward to this trip, and are very glad to be staying very close to all of the action at Epcot/MGM. :cool: