Beach Club Villas or Saratoga Springs


So my basic question is which resort would you choose - Beach Club Villas, Saratoga Springs or Yacht Club Resort?

The background info on this is that every spring/summer, my parents try to travel to one out of town ballpark to see the Red Sox play. So far they have been to Toronto, Baltimore, Anaheim and Chicago. This year, my Dad decided that he wanted to go to Tampa to see the Sox play the Rays in April and then he said to my mom, “Maybe we should swing over to Disney World after the games for a few days since we will be down there.” My mom (bless her heart :heart: ) responded that she wouldn’t go to WDW without me so now I may be taking a completely unexpected trip at the end of April - hooray!

The other part of it is that we have stayed in a moderate for our last several trips but my Dad has always wanted to stay at a EPCOT area resort (mainly the Yacht Club) and for this trip they have decided to bite the bullet and pay the extra dough to upgrade from a moderate. Using AAA discounts, I was able to get the following rates - Studio at SSR $267.50/night, Studio at BCV $317.50/night and regular room at Yacht Club $333/night.

I’d love any feedback about these resorts particularly on the comfort of the pullouts in the studios since that is where I would be sleeping.

So where would all of you stay? :happy:


If I had to pick between the two, I would go with SSR. I just love going to DTD a lot, so it makes sense for me to be at the resort that you can walk or boat to the market place from. My DD would pick BC because it’s close to epcot and MGM.


Yacht Club is my favorite, I will be there in a couple of weeks, however, if I was paying for the trip I would check out SSR just cause we have not stayed there yet. Also I think I would be hard pressed to turn down the BC Villas at that price as there is so much more space in there.

By the way GO WHITE SOX…


SSR is a great resort. It is my home resort and I have been trying out a few different resorts to compare. The truth is that there is not much of a difference in the quality of the resorts, they are all Disney, so they are all good.I have used all methods of transportation, bus, boat, car,and monorail and all have been fine. I think you will like SSR because it is a little newer and the view is great.I would save the $50+ per night and spend it on other things there.Just my 2 cents though!. I am sure that where ever you choose, you will be satisfied!


I would pick Beach Club, it’s become my favorite resort. The location can’t be beat and the pool is wonderful.


Tough Choices to have to make, huh? I would check on the room size. We stayed at a BCV studio and felt it was tight. But the location is awesome. We had a room where we could walk out the door and be in EPCOT in about 2 minutes. SSR is very nice and the transportation service has been very good.


We stayed at in a studio at SSR and BCV and both had very nice sofa beds. I think the sofa bed at SSR was a little nicer but the one at BCV was new and much more comfortable than the old style bed with the awful bars. If I remember correctly, the BCV bed had a firm metal grate that the mattress was on so there was no sag to it. SSR had a think firm mattress that was very nice, no sag at all.

For one person either bed would be comfortable.


We are biased towards the BCV. :pirate:

The Boss has it right. Location is everything. The BCV are right there at the Epcot International Gateway. The BC balances a luxury hotel feel with a home-like easy going atmosphere.

I don’t think any are a bad choice though…


Since you’re considering staying at the Villas, have you thought about renting DVC points from someone?? I think you could save alot of $$ by doing so!


We love the BCV. We have stayed there two times. The location is great and being able to see the fireworks at Epcot is also great. The pool is awesome. The couches are pretty comfortable. I sleep on it every trip and I don’t wake up with back pain or anything.


I forgot to add - the BCV pullout couch appeared to be brand new. My 17yo son loved it and said it was better than many hotel beds.


I’ve never stayed at the Yacht Club or Beach Club, but Saratoga Springs is our home resort. Beautiful place. We’ve only stayed there once, but I really enjoyed it.


Thanks for all the input, everyone! I appreciate it!


I would just like to point out that someone said I was right.


I was right and someone ELSE said so.


If your Dad really wants to stay at the Epcot resort area, he probably won’t be happy with SSR. I would pick a studio at BCV over a regular room at YC just because you can fold up the sofa bed and have a nice place to sit during the day.


They’re both nice resorts - and offer totaly different kind of atmosphere.

If Epcot’s imporant you can’t beat BCV - we had a one bedroom there and honestly, we felt kinda “squished”. It seemed smaller than SSR or BWV - definitely smaller than OKW - but it still was very nice and the location can’t be beat. I think SSR suites are nicer (and the pullouts were comfortable, because they were newer than at BCV) and it’s much more laid back and quiet.


So I talked to my parents last night and now I think we are going to go with just a standard room at the Yacht Club since then I would actually have a bed and not a pull out to sleep in and it is only going to end up being about $20 more a night than the Studio would have been. I’m still slightly shocked that this trip is happening at all - just two weeks ago I was pricing out quick getaways to a Value resort just to get my Disney fix for 2008 and now all of a sudden I’m planning a stay at the Yacht Club!


Have fun!! :pirate:

You can’t beat the location - walking distance to two parks. :laugh:


Karen, if you want even more scoop, PM Wishuponastar, if she doesn’t chime in on the thread! She was at Saratoga recently…