Beach Club Villas Room Request


What rooms or views are best to request at the Villas? We will most likely be staying in a 2 bedroom. I would love to be able to see some fireworks from our balcony but that is not as important to me as a nice view of the resort rather than a view of the road or parking area.



I have stated consistently that no viewing spot outside of Epcot is a good place to watch Illuminations. The Boardwalk’s 5th floor club level is pretty much a straight shot into Epcot, looking passed the Eiffel Tower and you can not see half of the show. Trust me, without seeing the video globe and the inferno barge, you’re just going to wait for something to be visible to you.
From looking at the aerial photos of BCV, most of the rooms do not even face directly toward World Showcase Lagoon and again, you’re going to need to be well above the treeline in order to see the whole show. To get above the treeline, you would need to be on the 9th or 10th floor of a building and of course, only the Dolphin and Swan really allow that and those highest windows don’t face the park in a useful direction either.
If you’re lucky at BCV, your room will overlook the back of The Land and the Soarin’ addition. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get glimpses of the International Gateway, and some of England and France, although I can’t be certain of how much backstage and how much on stage each balcony will afford.

You can use this url to quickly zoom down to the area and then switch to birds eye view to really get a good idea what I’m saying.
Bing Maps


We had a partial view of Illuminations last year. I didn’t request anything and don’t even know what to request to get that view. I’m guessing an Epcot view would do it but I think the CM on the phone will tell you that view doesn’t exist. We have also had a quiet pool view and that was nice and noise was never an issue. We had a two bedroom with a view of the front drove once, not awful but not great either.


We’ve never had a bad view, though we prefer #1) a higher floor and #2) the Epcot side.

We like the higher floors - that way we avoid feeling like zoo animals on display. Some of the ground floor rooms are right on walkways. We don’t want to end up with the curtains closed day and night.

We like the Epcot view from personal preference. Like SG stated, you can see very little of Illuminations, perhaps a few of the higher fireworks. No music, no globe, etc. We do like hearing the fireworks - it will rattle your windows if you are on the 5th floor. :wacko:

The quiet pool view is, well, quiet. Just not our preference.

Have fun!


Thanks for the info. I think I will stick with the high floor Epcot side request. I am sure that we will not be in the room very long…I think we will be in the pool.