Beach Club Villas


Anyone have any info about the studios? I heard that there is a microwave, fridge and a grill outdoors… are they roomy? It will be me, my husband & 2 kids ages 3 (she’ll turn 4 there! ) and 1. My mother-in-law will also be joining us for a few days… should we have her get a separate room (wishful thinking)?


The fridge is like a bit bigger than dorm room size. Not sure about the grill, never looked for them or had plans to use them. I think 3 adults and 2 kids in a studio is too tight, but if that’s the only way it can be done, I’m sure you’ll make it work.


The studios are 365Sf with a bed and sofa bed, small fridge, microwave, toaster, wet bar sink.

Balcony or patio with couple of chairs and table. No grills, although there may be some available onsite.

Get the MIL a studio too. Or upgrade to 1 BR which is about twice the size. King bed, larger kitchenette, and sofa bed in living area.


Welcome to MB!! Here are some pictures I found.
Beach Club Villa Studio


According to website info, Studios only accomodate 4. They will not let you book 5 for a Studio. Rlcarmichael is correct, book a room for MIL or get a one bedroom. A one bedroom has a washer and dryer in the room.


Since one child is under 3 you will be able to book a studio. For a couple of days you can make it work.


Thanks for all the help. Regarding my MIL, she lives in florida and plans to come with us for a few nights for my daughters birthday. I wonder what the price difference is between 1 br and studio…I guess I’ll have to check on that.