Beach Club Villas?


So I am in the early stages of booking another trip with lots of extended family. Right now, it looks like 12 of us headed down in late June 2014. I already booked at our home resort, Kidani, but since we have less folks going than we had last time, we could consider another resort. The Epcot area resorts are by far my favorite and I think a lot of our family would love staying over there so I am considering the Beach Club Villas or the Boarwalk Villas. I know there is a good chance I might not even be able to get a room at either resort 7 months out but I like to weigh all my options!

In generl, I’d prefer the Beach Club Villas because of Stormalong Bay. One of our favorite days on our last big family trip was the day we spent at the Kidani pool and I know everyone would love Stormalong Bay. However, it seems like I have seen so many lousy reviews of the conditions of the Beach Club Villas lately(including some people we met while watching the Red Sox game at the Martha’s Vineyard Lounge back in October)that I am hesitant.

So has anyone stayed at BCV lately? How were the rooms? Shabby? In need of update?


We have never had a bad room at BCV but the rooms are showing their age. Our room in July looked good when we checked in. The carpet was wet and we didn’t end up stating in the room but it looked fine. We’re booked there for July 2014 with no hesitation.


Thanks, Stephanie. I was hoping you’d chime in! I think most everyone in our group would really love staying at the Beach Club for the location but I hate the idea of a yucky room. We stayed at Kidani when it was just 2 years old so everything was nice and new.


New makes a difference. I would love to tell you the rooms at BCV look all shiny and new but they don’t. They are showing their age but I don’t think it looks run down. I’m ok with a little worn, the rooms get A LOT of use, but I’m not ok with dirty. If we were to ever get a dirty room I would call and get that taken care of, same with any maintenance issue. I love the location, the pool, and the overall resort so I think I’m willing to overlook an older(but not dirty) room. I don’t think BCV had ever had a full room refurb and it’s probably time. They are testing hallway carpet right now (and it’s ugly) for installation in late 2014 so the hallways aren’t looking good in the test areas.


And new doesn’t always mean better. There are lots of complaints that the furnishing at BLT are showing a great deal of wear and only a few yrs old.


I think that Disney has “cut corners” and used less than high quality furnishings, the more DVCs they build. There is no comparison between later built DVC and OKW. You can just see the quality of OKW - in building, design and quality of products and furniture used. Even after years the couches looked pristine. The refurb brought it “up-to-date” style-wise. Condition-wise, it was still excellent. We loved our stay at BLT last Sept, but it was obvious that cheaper materials had been used. One of the door frames to the kitchen area was actually broken in two. It was just a really cheap little piece of wood, not actual framing material at all.


Thanks, everyone!


We just stayed there for the first time. I loved the room and even more I loved the location. Walking into Epcot was one of the most magical experiences for our family. We stayed on the canal end of the Villas room 274. I thought it was a little far from everything but the room was great. I didn’t like the bedspread I thought it was a little too thin for me. At first I thought it was missing a blanket but then realized it was just a very very thin. I would stay there again in a heartbeat. The room to me didn’t look outdated and I would recommend BCV to anyone. We stayed 10/16-10/26 I was on the waitlist for 3 of my 10 nights and it came available only one month before we left. If you can’t get all of your night be patient. Every waitlist I have been on has come available. Good luck


Not to threadjack, but…Trip Report???


I am working on it. :slight_smile: I was sick right after we got back and now I’m working my butt off to pay for my trip LOL I am hoping to start one this week.


I am working on it. :slight_smile: I was sick right after we got back and now I’m working my butt off to pay for my trip LOL I am hoping to start one this week.


I am working on it. :slight_smile: I was sick right after we got back and now I’m working my butt off to pay for my trip LOL I am hoping to start one this week.


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Thanks, Tinkerbella! That is very helpful. I am glad you had a great time!