Beach the concierge worth it?


We’re heading back to Beach Club during the first week in June. We’ve stayed at the Poly Concierge before and last trip tryed out the the Beach Club on the Concierge floor. We all agreed, we love the convenience of the resort but the Concierge wasn’t as nice as the Poly’s. But we just can’t decide whether having easy breakfast, snacks and dinner drinks is worth the extra $. In years past at the Poly, they encouraged you to take some snacks and drinks with you for your day at the park, which made our day very easy. I didn’t get that same feeling at BC.

We wanted some opinions on whether the concierge is worth the extra $. We’re saving a ton already because of the buy 4 get 3 deal and we are booked in a concierge room currently, but were considering moving to a regular room. Thoughts???


Welcome to MB!! The big question is: what is the difference in cost? Then I’ll be able to give you an opinion!


We’re looking at about a $500 cost difference for the concierge for 8 days.


The only concierge I’ve had is on Disney Cruises… it was nice… a free perk at the time for DVC members - looking back, I don’t think I would have paid extra for it…but that’s just me…still $500. for some snacks and continental breakfast seems alot of money…

Oh - and - welcome to MouseBuzz!:happy:


I have tried to justify paying for concierge and it’s just not worth it in $$ for us. I don’t think we could ever use enough drinks and snacks to make up for that difference.


I have to disagree with the rest- I say for $40 a day- go for it. We were upgraded to the concierge at the Grand Floridian one time and I loved it. Especially with kids, it was soooo easy to feed them whenever they were hungry. Plus it was nice to not have to pay for a big meal for breakfast. All those meals out add up. So, unless you are planning on bringing your own food to save you from eating out- I say go for it.