Beach Club/Yacht Club Fans, get ready to bid!


Just got an emailing about this eBay listing from MouseSurplus! The actual 1/32 scale model used for Yacht Club/Beach Club Resort, including Storlmalong Bay! If you have some pocket change, and a gigantic den… this would be perfect for you!

Cool to look at for the rest of us too! Scroll all the way down to see all the pics!

Disney Yacht & Beach Club Resort 1/32" Scale Model Prop - eBay (item 350025719625 end time Mar-14-08 17:12:07 PDT)


:wink: Let me go get my purse…:laugh:

J/K… that is cool!


Odd Dibsney would move this one out. It should be in the Lobby…


haha, I still want the Horizons ride vehicle they have up for auction. :laugh: They have some cool stuff but REALLY… $50,000 for a model? Yikes? Where would that EVEN go? MAYBE I could see some really wealthy DVC member who owns like 600 points at the Beach Club getting it. :laugh:


Such a bargain, and it comes with a 4 day vacation!
But of course for $50,000 you could buy a DVC membership, who knows how many points you could fund, and pay the annual maintainance fees for several years.
Sure, I’d love this, but I’ve seen it, and at 1/32 scale, it’s huge! I guess I don’t need a dining room.


They have some excellent items listed but sadly wont ship even the smaller stuff internationally ( I have asked)


It won’t fit in my apartment. :pinch: I guess I’ll have to wait for something smaller to come along…:laugh:


I was just wondering what to do with all the spare change in the 5 gallon water bottle :laugh:


WOW for that price I’ll take two.


I think our first house cost $50,000…


Yes, I can heartily recommend MouseSurplus (for heavens’ sake, they’ve pretty much furnished our house!! Literally every room, and outside, has WDW stuff in it, and I mean furniture… couches, chairs, dressers, armoires, tables, outdoor bench, etc. and more) but this one I just can’t see buying… :laugh:



50 k - Will they take a check?


:laugh: I love how there is no shipping fee. How generous!