Beaches and Cream hamburger?


DH is super picky about his hamburger, and he wants to know is the Beaches and Cream burger a real, honest-to-goodness grilled burger, or is it pretty close to what you get at any other burger place in WDW?


I am the same way with burgers. I don’t want them to be frozen patties, this is why I love the hamburger SO very much at Turf club! It tastes like it was made with the best & juiciest Angus beef. I don’t mind eating a frozen ‘production’ burger if I choose to at a quick service place BUT I prefer a real honest to goodness yum burger at a real restaurant!

So, Beaches & Cream… I had a VERY unfortunate incident and spilled a full coke onto my hamburger then had to wait about 30 minutes for a new one. :laugh: (I can totally laugh about that incident now, it wasn’t very funny at the time) :laugh: From the bites I did take pre-spill I remember it being good but nothing spectacularly juicy or thick. I do remember the buns weren’t the best, but the burgers were good. The real prize at Beaches & Cream are the desserts though & being able to drink smooth Coke in a glass bottle. :heart: (whether it lands on your plate, or not)


I am going to look and see if I took a photo before I ruined it… I’ll go look.

EDIT: I only have a photo of our desserts, sorry.


Here is a Beaches & Cream Burger that I ate just a few days ago. It was a good burger but not the best. I think the best burger is at the Sci-Fi at DHS but that is just like everything else, everyone has a different opinion. Wish is right though, the desserts are great!


YUP, that’s it!! Yeah, I don’t know if I had a bad batch of buns but ours tasted kinda stale. I didn’t have fries either, I did the fruit which was good. Dang, I’m hungry! :laugh:


Tell him we said the burgers were great there (:laugh: ) and then you can order my favorite: a chocolate malt with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. yum.:heart:

So, he’ll be a little mad. Just blame it on us!


Well, then, I don’t think we’ll have a meal at Beaches and Cream, but I do think we’ll have to go have dessert there. I am a dessert addict so that’s okay with me. We’ll just have to keep searching for a yummy WDW burger because DH has yet to find one.


Personally, I love the burgers @ B&C, but I know, going in, it’s nothing gourmet. Disney has been mainstreaming and outsourcing loads of items. For instance, the Epcot resorts used to have these marvelous jelly filled Mickey donuts and the double twist glazed ones too. GONE… When I’m running around the Boardwalk at 6am, I see the Entenmann’s truck parked by Atlantic Dance. We loved to hotel hop and sample the “beverages” at the various hotel bars because they were as themed as the resorts. Now they have this standardized 3 ring binder drink/bar food book. We’ve been told by the CM’s that they’ve gotten rid of the uniqueness of the bars and that Disney Co actually doesn’t want them to make the “special” drinks anymore.
As for the burgers, I don’t know if they have “better burgers,” “next door” at the Yachtsman Steakhouse or not.


Guys-you’re making me hungry!! any burger will do at this moment in time :slight_smile:


You make very good points, and we don’t want another processed burger–same old thing you can get anywhere in WDW. We would love to have a big juicy burger!


They have the GREATEST veggie burger I have EVER had! And thats hard to have, a delicious fake hamburger! So if they can master that, I’m sure there regular burgers are out of this world. My family LOVES them!


>>You make very good points, and we don’t want another processed burger–same old thing you can get anywhere in WDW. We would love to have a big juicy burger!<<

Actually had a great burger a few years ago at Crew’s Cup, but I don’t know where it came from. Not sure if it was Yacht Club Galley, Yachtsman Steakhouse or B&C. It was darn good though <g>. I don’t even know if you can get them any more there.