Beaches and Cream


I am staying at the Beach Club in September and I am really excited to go to Beaches and Cream because it seems like such a cool atmosphere but I have heard that it is always crowded and there is a long wait to get in.

Is this really true. I do not mind waiting a little while but I do not want to waste and hour standing in line.

Has anyone been there lately to give me an idea of the crowd levels and if it is worth going?


I didn’t notice bad crowds a few weeks ago when we were there. In the afternoon there was no wait for a table (unless the pool had been closed due to storms).


That’s great news…I am so excited I cannot wait to go!!


Going at off times will really help you get in with little to no wait.


We have been 2 times at night and the wait was at least 1 hour. I guess it depends what time you go. If you stay away from the busy times I think you will be ok.


We love Beaches and Cream. It’s worth it.

We either go right when it opens or between the lunch and dinner busy times.