Beaches & Cream - TS or CS?


If you have the Disney Dining plan and eat at Beaches & Cream for lunch or dinner, does it count as a table service meal or a counter service meal? I thought it was CS, but saw some pics and it looked like there was a wait staff.


It would count as a Table Service credit!

Here is a link to allears where they list which restaurants are TS, 2TS and CS.
Magic Your Way Dining Plan - 2008 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages


Thank you! That helps alot!


It is a TS as said above, but we’ve always paid cash. We figured the TS credits were worth more over at Le Cellier or somewhere similar.


I agree completely. B&C seems like a place my DH would really enjoy, but I think we’ll pay OOP instead of using a valuable TS credit.


DEFINITELY pay OOP for it, but you should check it out. It’s a great place, with a GREAT burger! (best burger I’ve had on property so far) And don’t forget about the ice cream…even their regular sundaes are HUGE!!! We always share. My fave is the No Way Jose. YUM! I am DEFINTELY hitting B&C on our November trip! :wub:



You know, B&C is one of those places that I always mean to go to and just never get around to. Gotta leave space for it one of these days. I didn’t realize the food was good there, thought it was mainly ice cream.


I definitely agree with paying for that meal. We love Beaches & Cream but we try to get the most bang for our buck so you should save it for a more expensive place.


I’m the SAME way! I think it’s because you can’t make ADR’s (is that right or am I making that up?) and I always hear stories about how long the wait can be sometimes AND we’re always on the DP so it does seem like a “waste” of a dining credit. I REALLY want to go there though!! Hopefully one day!