Beaches & Cream


I was checking out the dining plan and I was surprised to see that Beaches & Cream was listed under table service. I have never been there before but was under the impression that it was a counter service restaurant. You don’t make ADR’s to go there, do you? And if you’re on the dining plan that counts as one of your sit-down meals??? Is it worth it?


Beaches and cream has the best burgers on Disney property,but I would pay out-of-pocket for this one,because the prices of the food are cheap(at least by Disney standards),and you could use your table service credit for a more expensive place. Last Friday,I ate there and my bill was 15 dollars and i had a cheeseburger and one of the big sundaes(NOT the kitchen sink!!).


Good advice Mickaholic. I recommend a trip there, but definitely pay cash. Much like the Plaza restaurant in MK, it’s worth a visit, but the prices are low enough that it makes sense to pay cash and save a DP for elsewhere.


Us great minds think alike,don’t we???(LOL)


We really liked B&C but like mickaholic said, pay cash and save the table service credit for something that costs a little more. We are going to the Plaza Restaurant and plan to pay out of pocket and use our credits for another restaurant.


I agree on all of the above unless you really need to use up your Dining points. It’s a fun place to eat, but not hideously expensive. However, with your dining points, you should be able to get a meal and a dessert (I can’t remember how they charged us).


Best burgers huh? Well I will have to add B&C to the list for our Nov. trip.


Oh yeah…Beaches and Cream has AWESOME burgers!!! And their ice cream isn’t bad, either… :angel:


The onion rings are also awesome!!


OOOOOHHHH, sounds good. Definately will visit B&C in April!!


I forgot about the Onion Rings!!! YUM!!!


I heard the wait times are very loong here so ADR’s are suggested!! (according to my Passporter)
Iam going to try this place this year for ice cream after our dinner at Spoodles if we can make it over in time and get a table… I know it sounds crazy going there just for ice cream but I want to try this restaurant really bad and I have no room in my dinners planned to fit it in…
AND I went over on my TS meals on my DDP by 4 meals!


You can’t make an ADR for Beaches and Cream. If the wait is rally long, you can order your ice cream as carry out and eat it by one of the tables around the pool. we have done that before when we don’t want to wait an hour and a half for ice cream. That said, last trip we waited 40 minutes in the carryout line to get our icecream. That should let you know how much our family loves the sundaes there.


B & C is a great place to get burgers and fries. it’s a wonderful atmosphere, 50’s soda shop. and the ice cream is outstanding. i don’t know anything about the Dining Plan so i can’t comment on that. i say go to B & C and have a good time.


Unfortunately, you CANNOT make ADRs at Beaches and Cream. You have to just wait with the rest of the herd. Just take your pager and go into the game room right next door! :happy:


We’ve been there several times for ice cream and it was awesome. We didn’t have to wait longer than a few minutes. Both times we went after hanging out at BW and while Illuminations was going on. A definate must try on your trip.