Beaches N Cream


Is an ADR needed for Beaches N cream?


Beaches N Cream doesn’t take ADRs… :smile: So, walk in and enjoy!



Is Beaches N Cream a TS or a CS? In my dining guide that I have (which may be a couple years old) it is labeled as a TS, but I called twice and each time they told me it was a CS and no ressies required.
Can anyone confirm that? I’ve had a lot of CM conflicting info lately and I’m starting to second-guess everything!:laugh:


ITs kind of a bit of both! but I think it goes as TS?? I know someone will correct me if I am wrong! …we went last trip and we sat at the counter and the lady took our order and brought it to us as opposed to us carrying it back ourselves.Its a nice relaxed atmosphere I always think -


It’s a table service.
It’s worth a trip there just for the No Way Jose!!


There is Beaches N Cream to go listed as a CS on Allearsnet!


[QUOTE=momofaprincess;941153]It’s a table service.
It’s worth a trip there just for the No Way Jose!![/QUOTE]

Okay, thanks for the info. I have become discouraged with the CM’s lately when calling down. I called them for a ressie and they told me they don’t make ADR’s and informed me it was a CS. I told them my dining guide listed it as a TS and I was skeptical so I called back again a couple days later to ask someone else and they too said it was a CS, so I made another TS ADR at another restaurant for that night. Arggg! Now I’m going to have to cancel the other TS. Is it just me? I seem to be getting a lot of conflicting info when I call. It is frustrating!


The last time I was at BnC, it was soo crowded, I would have rather eaten at Friendly’s. And if you’re familiar with that restaurant, you know how crowded BnC was.


BNC to go menu is different than the sit down. They do not offer the HUGE sundaes.

Definitely worth a trip if you have the time but you have to go at an off peak time of day. It is small inside, some booths, some “small” tables and counter service.


I think folks get confused with the dining plan and whether you actually sit or get service at a counter.

BNC has a take-out counter AND there is a relatively small dining area where you can sit down. On the dining plan, my understanding is TS - though we’ve only done the take-out counter.

It is always busy after dinner. You might do better to try some time between lunch and dinner.


[QUOTE=momofaprincess;941153]It’s a table service.
It’s worth a trip there just for the No Way Jose!![/QUOTE]

It’s a TS and NOT worth it, IMHO. Pay OOP for it! And momofaprincess, I TOTALLY agree!!! YUM!


I don’t think the food is worth a table service credit, but I’d pay out of pocket too! (and we usually do) The food is reasonably priced too!


That’s a great point. I’m going to keep our evening TS ADR and just pay out of pocket for Lunch at Beaches N Cream. I’m surprised it uses a TS, probably just because of the popularity?!


It’s listed as Table Service in the WDW Dining Guide and Passporter’s Guide.


That may be…It’s the same as The Plaza in MK…That’s a table service too and another we are paying oop for because we don’t want to waste a dining credit on it (the prices are resonable enough to do that there too)


It truly is a table service restaurant, it’s a full service restaurant with servers. I don’t think it’s worth using dining plan credit on but it’s worth a stop to try it.

The take out menu is now very limited, mostly simple ice cream things like cones, shakes, and sundaes.


Thanks everyone! We will def. be eating there in May