Well, there aren’t any beaches in Orlando of course, but what about near by? Are there any good, not too crowded, beaches that anyone would recommend? Not really for swimming, but just for good walks and ocean views.


I think you have about an hour drive each way for a beach. Personally, I think the “beaches” at the Polynesian or Grand Floridian are the best in Orlando, especially in the evening!


We went to Coco beach once and wasnt impressed.


we went to daytona not crowded but it was like 2:00 in the morning.


I’ve only been to Clearwater (about 1 1/2 hrs) and loved it, we saw dolphins swimming in an inlet too.


I’m surprised. I was going to recommend Coco Beach as it is the closest and usually very nice. Sorry you didn’t like it.


Thanks for the post Valerie- my DD and I decided this year we would like a trip out to a beach for a change of scenery so this is a very useful post for me too!


The only beaches I remember are too far to drive to: Ft. Pierce, Lake Worth (my favorite) & W. Palm Bch. But, I haven’t to one of those beaches in years. Sorry, I couldn’t help.


Never been to the beach “up North” just down here in Palm Beach!

Here is a link to clearwater . . . looks nice!

Clearwater Beach Photo Gallery


We really liked Daytona and Cocoa Beach; both are about an hour away. Driving on Daytona Beach was relly cool.


I lived in Lake Worth for 12 years! I was surprised to see it was your favorite I always thought it was kinda icky. :laugh: Do you remember the Gulfstream Hotel there or the popular restaurant “Benny’s on the Beach?”


Oh, when I was younger we used to drive from Disney to Daytona and the beaches were really nice. It’s still a little ways away but not too far of a drive.


It is Icky, and Benny’s is still there, altho half of the pier was knocked down by one of the hurricanes. You need to turn left at the end of Lake Worth Rd and head about 2 mls into Palm Beach . . . their public beaches ROCK! They spent like Millions of dollars trucking in white sand after the hurricanes . . . really nice, guarded beach! IMHO! :happy:


We once went to Flagler beach on the way home in May. It was deserted and really pretty. I think it is part of the state beaches. A couple of years ago we went to the Tampa area and visited Caladisi Island. You take a ferry ride out and we saw dolphins. The beach is also known to have beautiful shells.


I was raised up not far from Lake Worth. We went to the beach alot. I lived there before the hurricane & tidal wave took out the entire beach! It, also, took out the first parking row in the parking lot. What is now the first row is actually the second. I remember when it was safe to go back there, walking to the drop off where the road & beach use to be & thinking what a deep drop off it was. It was like a giant shovel had reached down & taken it all away. Another hurricane took half of the pier away. They never rebuilt it out that far. The pier that is there now is only half of that pier. (If it hasn’t been torn down & rebuilt altogether) It was a really nice beach back then. The Casino was there. It had 3 pools in it & a baby pool. The largest pool had diving boards. The pools were filled with the salty sea water. That is where I learned to swim. But, I haven’t been back to that beach in years & years.


Oh my…those photos make it look exquisite. I may have to venture over there sometime.


I would say Clearwater would be your best bet. It is really beautiful there. If you don’t mind driving my Fave beach in Florida is Siesta Key in Sarasota. Absolutely the finest beach. The sand is like baby powder. Absolutely fabulous! If you can spend the day there you won’t regret it.


We loved the St. Petersburg beaches… the farther south you go, the better the shelling. We really enjoyed a half day there, and the drive back to Orlando was easy – the speed limit is 75!


I’m planning on one day at the gulf beaches and I’m trying to narrow it down. It’s between the Clearwater and St. Petersburg beaches. Someone told me Pass-A-Grille Beach is lovely…Any advice?


I just found this really cool link for Google Earth FL Beach tours…
Interactive Media - Official Travel Site for the St. Petersburg & Clearwater Area America’s Top Rated Beaches