Beastly Kingdom


I was reading on MiceChat a discussion about the long time proposed addition to AK and came across this drawing and article about the addition. It is on It is a very interesting and informational article.


dueling dragons!!!


I think it would be very cool to see this! But I can’t even remember the last time WDW added a new land (mabye Mickey’s Toon Town? some extra stuff on AK)?
We can always dream… :slight_smile:


can you post a link?


Oh get outta here… I was just reading a blog on Disboards this morning from 2007 that mentioned Beastly Kingdom. First i’d ever heard of it. Here’s post:

  1. If you look at the signs for Animal Kingdom, there is a dragon among the animals on the bottom. This was supposed to represent “Beastly Kingdom,” a land of the park with mythical creatures that was planned but never developed. (Maybe we got Dinoland USA instead.)

DB link: Walt Disney World Best Kept Secrets - Animal Kingdom


So true, many of the Imagineers that were working on AK and the proposed Beastly Kingdom went to work for Universal and helped on IOA.


I believe this is the link

The Neverland Files: Beastly Kingdom

But the whole website is pretty interesting. Thanks Disney62 something else to distract me from house work, lol!!!


More interesting was digging through the site and finding that Russia might be back on the table for EPCOT.


Really? I remember we had this discussion years ago here - which country we would like to see in Epcot. I think the overwhelming favourite was Australia, but Russia would be cool. Think of it - Boss Mouse + vodka!:eek:


I am thinking of food, I would go with Brazil…


Interesting article and lovely idea…can’t see it happening, but who knows with WDW?


Actually, and this is something that usually isn’t revealed when the project is Disney’s, Dueling Dragons was partly designed by the manufacturer, Bolliger and Mabillard with a lot of work also done by German coaster über-mensch, Werner Stengel, who is directly responsible for the majority of the world’s super coasters.
This also would have been Disney’s only B&M coaster (early coasters came from Arrow while later ones came from Vekoma) as well as Disney’s only inverted coaster, Disney’s only 4 wide coaster, Disney’s only 5 inversion coaster, Disney’s only dueling coaster, and certainly Disney’s only 5 star coaster.
This ride was clearly too intense for Disney all along.
Much more the pity.

Edit: Dueling Dragon’s hidden Mickeys are now probably history.
The original queue is now partly or totally destroyed as Dueling Dragons becomes incorporated into Harry Potter World under the name "Dragon Challenge and the Fire and Ice coasters are now being renamed Chinese Fireball and Hungarian Horntail.


I’d like some more action at AK, but I don’t think of WDW for major coasters. I can go to the local theme park to get some coaster action. I’d rather see something totally innovative.


where would another fit inside of WS?


There is that very large area between Germany and China - where the African area is…that was always suppose a space for another country.


Between Mexico and Norway is the rumor place for Russia. There is space between China and Germany, France and Morocco, Morocco and Japan, Italy and Germany.


I’ve always assumed they’d build an Australia pavilion there, mostly because that’s where Australia is every year during Food and Wine and I believe the New Zealand booth is nearby as well.

If they build a Russia, I can easily see a vodka bar similar to the tequila bar in Mexico.
I wonder what kind of attractions and dining it might have.


Yeah, great, you’ve got Darien Lake and Niagara Falls around the corner.
My nearest coasters ARE WDW!!!
WDW is 200 miles away, then Sea World, followed by Universal, and finally Busch Gardens which is about 4.5 hours from here on a route that doesn’t take us to WDW.

And I still think Disney could easily build a coastercentric thrill park called Disney’s Coaster Kingdom and have it fit very nicely into the overall tableau of WDW. All they need is about $750 million. That’s bailout money:laugh:


:laugh:sounds like a plan if I ever heard one.


A plan?
Given the chance I would be Coaster Kingdom’s Joe Rhode.