Beauty and the beast with tangled


Awesome tangled short film! I have never laughed so hard with a cartoon…:blink:

The movie was cool in 3D plus we got the Disney 3D glasses for opening night. Took my girls with me (10 and 15) and a girlfriend (16) who thought we were crazy for wanting Disney 3D glasses instead of the regular ones you would get for adults…:pinch: mans face was priceless when I asked to trade to those… Told him no worries it’s a Disney thing you wouldn’t understand… :laugh: funniest part was when my daughter commented to him “no you wouldnt”:blush:

Anyone else go see it??:huh:


havent gone yet but really want to… we are leaving for Disney in two weeks so i dont know if we will make it.


I saw it opening night but unfortunaly they didn’t give me the Beauty and the Beast glasses!!!
I have to agree the wedding was very funny but at the same time I was disappointed I was hoping it would be more of the wedding with rapunzel and flynn


I loved it! You had to request the glasses… They didn’t give them to me at first but I asked for them. That’s when I told the man he wouldn’t understand my Disney obsession… Haha


this sucks :frowning:
i asked too they said they didn’t have them :’(