Beauty and the Beast?


Has anyone who has been to DW lately seen any promotion for Beauty and the Beast to be released to DVD? I know that I saw a commercial for the release to be in October 2007, but since I have not seen anything and the only commercials I have seen have been for Jungle Book. So does anyone else know anything about this? Anything in the World to indicate the release or has it been delayed? Or did it just get released with out much press?


I don’t know. We purchased the DVD when it came out about three years ago. I think the only DVD’s (Disney) coming in October are Jungle Book and Meet the Robinsons.

I feel like I saw a site that showed the release dates for all the Disney movies…I’ll try to find it.


I found this site that shows upcoming release dates for all movies, but they have a special Disney section:

Upcoming Disney DVD Release Schedule - The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD

Looks like the next release isn’t scheduled until 2010…have you tried looking on ebay?


Thanks, I just looked it up and you are right. I think I must have been laying on the couch with the tv on dreaming about disney. Does that mean i’m an addict?