Bed bugs?


The mother of the child who I am taking on or trip in May asked me about bed bugs. That is not anyting I have experienced at any of the Disney resorts. I have truly never thought of that before. I am wondering if anyone has had an experience with them at any WDW resort. We will be staying at VWL and thought I would ask you all.


I don’t know of any official reports on bed bugs in wdw but I’ve been checking my hotel matresses for years since finding out about those nasty things. Just look in the matress seams & behind the headboard when you get in your room. They look like black appleseeds. I’ve never heard any reports of them in WDW but I always check.


Thanks Wish, I had never even thought about that and when she mentioned it I said,well, I will ask around MB to see if anyone has had a problem. I have never had bed bugs before and would not even know what to look for. I will definetly be on the look out now.


I recently found a website mentioned in an article that notes reports of bed bug incidences across the US and Canada. Sorry, I can’t remember the site, but when I checked it just a few weeks back several WDW hotels were in the database, but they were all noted as never having recieved a report of infestation.

I thought that was more calming than simply not finding any of them listed in the database. They weren’t all listed but if I remember correctly there was a value, moderate and the Swan or Dolphin mentioned and ALL CLEAN.

I pay some attention but I don’t jump through any hoops. I’ve never seen evidence myself.

PS - the article clearly stated research proves there is no health risks other than the obvious irritation and some experience allergic reaction - that’s good news - but “ick” :noo: still applies.


And if you find them, then what? Call Mousekeeping and ask them to vaccum the mattress? :confused:


Oh heck no, I’d notify management and asked to be moved to a different room. I am not afraid of bugs, honestly, BUT they can get into your suitcases & soft items and return home with you. To me, that’s the biggest threat. :pinch: Being in the NYC area I actually hear a lot of reports about NYC hotels and the increase in cases across the city. When I check into a hotel, no matter WHERE I am & no matter how fancy the hotel is, I always check. I don’t need any ‘extra baggage’ returning home with me. :laugh:


PS - the article clearly stated research proves there is no health risks other than the obvious irritation and some experience allergic reaction - that’s good news - but “ick” :noo: still applies.[/QUOTE]

The biggest health risk is my opinion are them shacking up in my luggage or clothing & coming home with me. This is a big way that they are spread! :mellow:


Four trips . . . no bed bugs. :happy:


I found this site, hope it is helpful.

Bedbug Registry - Check Apartments and Hotels Across North America


So right, I can’t imaging having to actually deal with them at home. I hear it can be a bit of a horror story to really get rid of them.
Maybe it’s the pixie dust but I still feel safe in this regard at WDW.


I really think that disney trys to make sure that they do not have that problem…could you think you how the PR problem would be for them once and it would get out to the masses…And if it was to happen I would think that their response would hopefully be swift to fix the rid the problem…From what I have seen the couple of times I have been there once at PoP and the other at Music they are relatively clean rooms based to some I have seen on other trips to other places…


[QUOTE=JackieS;955141]I found this site, hope it is helpful.

Bedbug Registry - Check Apartments and Hotels Across North America[/QUOTE]

There are several Disney resorts listed on that website, though, which is a little scary. I’ve never thought to check for bed bugs before, but I’ll definitely be doing that next time! I didn’t realize they were that large and easy to see.


Just remember that those are self-reported instances on that website, you never know the truthfulness 100% of what people saw or reported. The owners of the website even say:
“We don’t vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site. If you feel a location has been reported in error, or want to dispute a report, please contact the site owners”

So, I don’t think anyone should be overly worried or alarmed. Just check the matress seams & behind the headboard next time if it makes you feel better. I have a feeling Disney stays pretty on top of these things 'cause imagine the backlash if they really DID have a bedbug problem.


This is amazing to me. Normally I don’t think of it, I will now check. Thanks for the link!


Oh Boy! I’ll be checking. We want no extra magic here.


In all the years we have been going to WDW, we have only had one experience with bedbugs. Years ago, probably 4-5 years ago, we stayed at the Coronado Resort. Our ds was about 3 years old. My brother and his family were in the room next door to ours. We went to bed and the next morning the kids woke up with little bites all over their legs and arms. We first thought maybe they were bitten by something while at the park late the previous night. The second night…same thing happened. More bites. All we could attribute it to were bedbugs.

Never had anything happen since. We haven’t been back to Coronado since.


In that case, I must say you are lucky enough, since I got infected every time whenever I went to trips. My cloths, my towels, my bedsheets all filled with bed bugs. I have tried various ]Pest Exterminator, but no use. :frowning:


Something like 15 or more trips… no bedbugs.

Never heard of anyone ever finding a bedbug at WDW.


Me either—no bedbugs in all the times we have gone…never heard any of our friends have them either…


20 or more trips and never seen a bb, always check around and really don’t know what I would do if I seen them. Seen some big cockroaches in the MK a few times that we stepped on. This stuff gives me the creeps.