Bed Rails


II know that pack and plays are available but was wondering about bed rails? We have a 2 yr old that will not sleep in a pack and play and will want to sleep in a big boy bed. Has anyone else had an experience or suggestion that might work for us. Your help is appreciated as always!


I’ve been curious about this as well. Good question!


Yes you can request bed rails. We did it at Pop for our 3 yr old in 2007.
I requested the bed rails at booking and then asked again when we checked in and luggage services brought them to our room.
They were in two pieces, so we left one off during the day so he could climb on and off the bed. At night we just tucked the second piece into the mattress when we put him to bed. You can see them in this pic. We have one rail on and one off.


Found this info on another website:

Bed rails are available at no charge on request at all Disney resorts and the Disney Cruise Line, no matter which pricing or amenity level they’re on. In addition, bed rails may be requested for any guest who may need them, not just small children.

It’s a good idea to make your bed rail request (or any special requests, for that matter,) when you make your resort reservation, especially if you are planning on visiting during a busy time, as quantities are limited. If you have made your reservation, but not made your special request, call Disney reservations (1-407-939-6244) and have them add it to your existing reservation. If you booked through a travel agent, have them add your request for you.


Good deal! Thanks for the info!


We too have requested them in our room on our reservations (but they are never there). Just a quick call to housekeeping and they were delivered in no time!