Bedtime Stories gone


Read this on Allears (first as a ‘rumor’ but then confirmed):

… from Joel Rudman: I was just told that the resorts no longer do the magical bedtime stories on TV as of a couple weeks ago.

EDITOR’S NOTE: ALL EARS® friend Donna B., who was in WDW this past weekend, confirms this – she checked on her room TV and on the TV channels listings card and the storytelling is no longer broadcast.

This was pretty much a nightly tradition for us… Bruce


That is a bummer :c( I wonder why? It couldn’t be a cost issue!


oh no! My DD got a kick out of them. I am sad to see them go. Maybe if enough people ask about them, they will bring it back? Here’s to hoping.


I think this was great for those with little ones. I wonder why they stopped it, there is so little to watch on the tv as is.Every channel seems to be a disney infomercial. LOL


I wonder if they’ll replace it with something else?


My kids really missed the Bedtime stories this past trip but they found a channel that played nonstop cartoons in a loop. I think it was channel 96 or something like that. It had Lambert, the sheepest Lion, some Humphrey the Bear cartoons and some Donald Duck cartoons to mention a few.


What a bummer!
This was a huge hit with our DS last trip. It really helped him wind down for the night.

Petition time!!


AWWWW, that’s too bad. I really hope they replace it with something similar.


That’s a real shame. Our kids definitely enjoyed it during our last on-site stay. I can’t imagine why they would stop this, unless they are going to replace it with something. Erin’s right–it can’t be a cost issue, so why make the change?


Bummer. But we also noticed all the resort lobbies were showing the cartoon shorts gcbdad mentioned.

Of course, staying at FW, we didn’t see much TV at all. (In fact, it was nearly a week before we learned the VP is no longer my first pick as a hunting buddy. :tongue:)


LOL@ Cavey re: VP! Poor guy!


I was thinking the same thing… Maybe something bigger and better is on the way…


Is there an e-mail we can send comments to and PLEASE ASK to bring back the bedtime stories!!! My DD LOVED them our last trip!!! :sad:
Prezcatz Paul