Been Back for a lil while sorry for delay of TR!


I 1st want to say sorry for the delay with the TR!

Cast: DH & myself
Transportation: Drove from NJ
Location: Kidani Village
Dates: Sept 10th thru Sept 17th

We dropped the grand-dogs off at my mom’s house at 9pm, said our good byes and we were off to the magic. DH started off the drive and before we got to the Delaware Memorial Bridge he got tired all of sudden so we switch drivers. I took over the driving & Dh went to sleep. We finally stopped in Rocky Mount NC for gas and DH said that he was rested and would drive. Off we were again, we stopped in South Carolina for breakfast @ Shoneys and before I knew it we were at the Florida Welcome Center. It only took us 14 hours to get there which was really good time. We stopped at the welcome center for a “personal break” and to get a free orange juice sample. We stretched our legs for a few more mins and back in the truck we went and a little over 2 hours later we were checking in @ the doubletree hotel near DTD. We were only here for 1 night cause we decided to leave a day early.
I packed a small over night bag so we went and checked in and brought our bag up and got settled. We were hungary so we decided to take a ride to DTD and get something to eat. We wound up @ T-REX. We only had to wait 5 mins for a table which wasnt bad. The food was ok, its on the same style as the Rainforest Cafe. I guess that because they have the same owners. After dinner we took a walk in DTD and I got really tired. We had both been yup since the night before (minus a small nap in truck on the way down) so we headed back to the doubletree, I jumped in the shower while DH watched TV. It was around 730pm and I went to bed. I was really tired and really excited cause I couldnt wait to get up in the am and check into Kidani Village… Night! Night!


oh boy oh boy another TR! Oh can’t wait for the rest of your trip!!! :slight_smile:


Day 2 Saturday Sept 12th…

The alarm went off at 8am and I jumpped out of bed. Made a pot of coffee, got ready and couldnt wait to get out the door to head over to Kidani Village. DH was hungary so we went to Shoneys for breakfast. We got to Kidani Village at 1130am, I had done the pre-check in 10 days before we left so when we got there everything was all done, the only thing the CM did was give us our room key and since we were celebrating my belated birthday while we were there she gave me my birthday button and my DH a “Im celebrating” button. The CM was having a problem with activating our keys, I was still in shock that our room was ready. After a few times of her trying she said that she would walk up with us to our room to make sure that our keys worked. We were in room 7576 which was at the very end of the long hallway. The CM said that this section that we were in just opened about 2 weeks before we got there. We got to the room and our keys worked, we thanked the CM and she left and we went into the room. DH and I were in awww over the room. We had a 1 bedroom suite and it was beautiful. (I took pictures of the room which I will post in a little while, im using my laptop right now and I have to use my other computer to post the pics) Anyway! After I took the pictures and we sat on the hugh balcony and watch some of the animals that were in the savannah for a little while we headed out to Walmart to get our stuff that we needed for the week and we had to be back cause we had dinner reservations at Sanaa at 620pm this night.
We left and went to Walmart and came back to the resort, the parking at Kidani was a little confusing cause its an underground parking garage its really the 1st level so to speak of the resort and they named all the parking areas from the movie The Lion King. We were in Pumba… So we parked right near the elevator which was good cause we still all our luggage in the truck & all the bags from Walmart. DH had a good idea and we brought all the stuff from the truck and placed it by the elevator, loaded up the elevator and went up to the 2nd floor. We finally got all the stuff into the room, unpacked all the luggage and got all the groceries away. It was about 530pm so we just relaxed for a few minutes on the balcony and then went down to Sanaa for our dinner reservations.
We were seated right away for dinner, our table was right in front of a hugh window which looked right out into the savannah. There was african cattle, girafees, zebras etc walking around. Our CM waiter was from Orlando and was wonderful. He explained everything that was on the menu and was laughing and joking around with us. We ordered mustard seed crusted scallops for an app and they were AMAZING. For dinner DH had the NY strip steak with spinach and mushroom pancake and I had Banana-leaf wrapped fish with crushed potatoes. For dessert DH had the eggless chocolate cake & I had Caramom butter cake. Everything at Sanaa was WONDERFUL! We will def go back again. After dinner we walked around Kidani Village for a little while then went back to the room and sat on the balcony with a drink and watched the animals. By about 1130pm we were tired so we decided that we were going to go to sleep. I called for a wake up call for 8am so that we could get up, make breakfast, get ready and head out to Seaworld on Sunday…

Ok going to the other computer now to upload/download pics… Check back in a little while for pics of the room… TTFN!


Here are the Pics of the room… These are of the 1st bathromm off the hallway,the living room & small kitchen/dining room.


This is the kitchen, bedroom & main bathroom off the bedroom…I love the Lion King tile…


The 1st pic is the TV in the bedroom and the next 3 are of the animals that we saw out on the Savannah when we first got there. The last picture is of my favorite animals there, they are african red river pigs… Tooo cute! I really want one! :O)


love the pics and the TR can’t wait for more to come.


Sunday Sept 13th…

The wake up call came from 2 funny Disney characters. We rolled out of bed, DH went in to take a shower and went into the kitchen to make coffee & breakfast. After breakfast, DH cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher while I went to take a shower and get ready. Its really nice to have 2 bathroom in the room. We finally left around 1030 am and we headed over to Seaworld. The weatherman was forcasting showers but we werent worried like DH says “there isnt any sopa in it” LOL We made it over to Seaworld, got our tickets and sure enough it started to rain. We went into this bakery to stay dry until DH saw they had red velvet cake (one of his favorites) so we split a piece and sat at a table under an umbrella. By the time that we had finished the rain had stopped. It was still a little overcast but that was ok. We headed over to see the dog/cat show, then to the dolphin show, saw the sealions and then went to see Shamu. We sat in the “wet section” for the Shamu show,about 3 rows back and we got SHOAKED!!! It was fun though… Amazing that we didnt want to get wet in the rain but Shamu water was fine…LOL We then went over to see the clydesdale horses, we did get our picture taken with one of the horses but its not on my camera its ones that seaworld takes. If I can scan it later and attach I will…
After that it was about 5pm or so and we were a little hungary so we went and ate at this place in seaworld (I can’t remember the name sorry) but you sit at tables near a shark tank and watch all the shark swim by, its very much like the coral reef @ Epcot. DH and I both had the same thing which was: Potatoe cheese soup (not as good as Le Celier’) and shrimp alfredo. The food and the prices werent bad at all. After dinner we left and went back to Kidani Village.
We werent sure what we wanted to do and then I realized that it was x-tra magical hours at MK that night. So we both took another shower, got ready and headed out to the MK. This time we decided to take the disney bus. We only waited for about 3 minutes and the bus was there. When we got to the MK I had to get my AP so I got that and we headed in. We did all of my fav’s HM,POC, Winnie the Pooh, Monsters Laughing Floor, Buzz etc. I like the idea that you dont have to get a wrist band anymore the CM’s just ask to see your room ID. We then decided to head out cause we were both tired so after a little shopping at the Emporium we went and waited for our Bus. This time we waited about 20 mins for the bus. We got back to room, changed and sat on the balcony with a drink watching a few of the animals roam around before we knew it is was 1am and time to go to sleep… Tomorrow was Epcot, dinner @ Le Celier (thanks to a very special Mousebuzzer) and the Meet & Greet.
Pics of Seaworld comming up:


Seaworld pics: The Dog show & dolphins.


DH being SILLY, Sealions, Penguins and Puffins…Oh My!


Shamu and Friends…


Monday September 14th.

The morning started off the same, made breakfast, cleaned up and got ready to head out.
We decided that we would drive over to Epcot. We got there around 11am, and parked not that far away so walked over instead of taking the tram. DH forgot his sunglasses back at the room so he bought a pair before we went in. We go and wait in a small line, I put my AP in the machine and it wont let me in, so the CM had me try it a few times before he realized and then said to me " Mam your pass expired yesterday" I was like umm no Im sorry I just got it yesterday and its an AP so its good for a year. He gave me the pass back and sure enough on the back of the pass was only good for 1 day… Go figure it says DVC AP and its only good for 1 day. So off to guest relations we went. I was not only not happy but soo embarrased. We waited in line at Guest Services for about a 1/2 hour, I then got to explain to the CM what had happened and she tried to make a joke out of it by saying " a day hear feels like a year", when I didnt laugh she was looked upset, so I apologized to her and just told her that I felt sooo embarrassed in line trying to get in etc. She understood and felt bad, she asked me where I got my AP at and was happy that it was at the MK and not at Epcot. LOL! She gave me my new AP with correct dates etc and then she wrote my name on this yellow piece of paper and gave it to me and told me that it was good for a fast pass. She said that we would just have to give it to a CM where ever we wanted to use it and we would go right in. I thought that was so nice of her. Now we were up and running…

We went in and headed for the Art of Disney store… I forgot to mention that the 1st night when we were in DTD and went to the Art of Disney store, DH and I both fell in love with a painting by Thomas Kinkade of Pinocchio… We didnt buy it that night and werent sure if we were going to so we wanted to wait and see how the rest of the week went etc. So after looking at the picture again and talking to a CM we left and headed over to World Showcase.
We started the countries off at Mexico walked around etc and then when we got to China I fell in love with this vase that was soo pretty. Well DH said if you want it get it, so I did… (Ill have to take a picture of it tomm and post it then, its in our bedroom). After that we continued to walk around, we stopped and got a drink in France. I got the frozen grey goose drink which was YUMMMMY… watch a street performer who was amazing… We then went over to England and were going to get our pictures taken with Pooh and the Gang but the line was too long…
So we decided to head over to Canada for the meet & greet and then dinner at Le Celiler…

We got there a little early so we walked around Canada and when we came out I saw someone holding a smal sign and sure enough it had Mousebuzz on it… We walked up and it was timkelmom, we introduced ourselves and started chatting, a few minutes later here was another MBer’s it was…dznycropper…Yea! We all continued chatting and were waiting for tinkerbelle24 to arrive. Unfortunatly she was unable to attend cause her daughter was not feeling well… Sniff Sniff… I really wanted to meet ya tink and thank you again for the Le Celier reservation. Since I didnt get to meet ya heres another thanks!..
We all decided to go for a walk and get something to drink but 1st our DH’s had to take pictures of us, after that we went up to France and yup I got one of those grey goose frozen drinks again… dznycropper got the other one I think it was Grand Manie (not sure of the spelling sorry)
Hey Dznycropper I never got to ask ya how that drink was? So after all went and said by the fountain in France and chatted a little more and then it was time for everyone to say goodbye… We all had dinner reservations to go to. We said goodbye and we were all on our way…
DH and I went over to Le Cellier for dinner which I had to be tinkerbelle 24 and DH had to be her daughter…LOL The CM was nice and changed the reservation for us to 2 adults and we went inside and waited. Le Cellier was packed… We wait about 20 mins for a table and were finally seated… We had a great CM waitress who was terrific the whole time. DH and I both had the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup (I WANT THAT RECIPE) DH had the mustard based chicken and I had the coffee rubbed Kansas City strip steak with Yukon Potatoes… OMG it was amazing… I couldnt finish it so I took 1/2 of the steak back with us… But of coarse I had room for dessert… I had to have the chocolate mousse. As I was finishing up my dessert we wound up talking to this nice couple that was just seated next to us who were from Maryland, and it turned out that the husband had done some work in the area of NJ where we are from… Small world… DH and I were both full and tired and then DH remembered that we still had that fast pass that the CM had given to me earlier in the day, since we werent going to use it cause we wanted to head back to the room we decided to give it to the couple next to us. They were so happy… We said goodbye to them and headed back to the resort… When we got back to the room there was a nice surprise waiting for me on the kitchen table… (Check out the pic)
We hung out on the balcony for a little while and then went to sleep…
Tomorrow was AK and Disney Studios…


Tuesday September 15th

Same old morning start for us…
We drove over to AK and got there around 11am, we parked far away so we took the tram over to the main entrance, went in and went over to get a FP for the safari… We were lucky cause some very nice man gave of his fastpasses that they were not going to use so we went right on… After that we headed over to see the hippos, and DH favorite the Gorillas… We spent alot of time over by the Gorillas by then it was getting pretty hot so we went a got a bottle of water and checked out of the shops. DH bought a can that shaped like a girafee it really is cute, and I got my DF and BB hat with AK on it. We then walked into one of the shops and there it was another one of Thomas Kinkade paintings of Pinocchio. DH and I stared at it again and talked about with a CM. This one was smaller than the 2 we saw earlier but it still was very nice. We did think about it for a little while longer but didnt buy it… We then went to go and see A Bugs Life ( I love that) and then went back to do the safari again on our fast passes and then headed out…
It was about almost 330 so we decided to head over to Disney Studios… When we got there the parade was just about comming to end so we watched for a few minutes and then cut threw the gift shops and headed over to Toy Story… On the way over we stop in the Art of Animation store too look around and yup you got it there was the larger Thomas Kinkade Pinocchio Painting… Well after talking with a wonderful CM named Shirley, you guessed it we bought the picture… I still cant believe it… We had it shipped home cause we didnt want anything to happen to in the car on the way home…
We left there and headed over to Toy Story and of coarse all of the FP were gone for the day and the wait line was almost 2 hours… We decided to pass on that oh well next time… We headed over and did the backstage tour and then got a small something to eat at PizzaPlanet… We had no ADR’s for the night so we thought that we would just wing it with all the food we had back at the room. After we ate we went and saw Muppets 3D, and then headed out…
I was still in shock that we had bought the painting… On the way back to the resort we stopped at the Boardwalk and walked around, I went and got my DVC pins and we were headed back to the car when DH said that he wanted ice creme… So off to DTD and Giradellis we went… We walked around DTD and I did some shopping and then we went back to Kidani Village…
We got back to the room, hung out on the balcony with a drink for a little while and then went to sleep…

Tomorrow was just going to be a relaxing day by the pool followed by a backstage safari at AKL with dinner @ Jinkos… Seeing as how we were checking out of the resort on Thursday. (Ill finish up tomorrow… sorry Im getting tired… TTFN!)


More pics of AK and 1 from DS…


Heres a picture of the Thomas Kinkade Pinocchio picture we bought. Its hanging on the wall in our living room. Sorry about the glare on the corner of the picture Ill try and take a better one in the morning.


Its such a treat to wake up and find this trip report. I love all the pictures so far, so glad you enjoyed Le Cellier. Your room looks absolutely gorgeous.


Love all the pics! And the Pinocchio painting you bought is so cute!


Wednesday Sept 16th…

We woke up and did our usual breakfast, then we got ready to head out to the pool. DH decided that he wanted to go to the gym so off he went and I was going to meet him at the pool. After cleaning up etc I headed off to the pool. I got there about 1030 am and DH met me about a 1/2 hour after that. Today was the hottest day of all. So we just kept going back and forth between laying out in the sun & the pool. (Would u believe I forgot my camera and didnt get any shots of the pool/pool area, Im so upset with myself) We had lunch by the pool (DH made sandwiches up in the room and we brought those down with us) By 130 we had to leave to go back and get ready for our behind the stage safari at AK and dinner @ Jinko’s. -Side Note: DH had saw this safari in the paperwork that they give you when you check in with all the stuff that there is to do at your resort, so on tuesday we went to the main lobby and decided to book this safari. We both thought that it would be a nice way to end our vacation.-

We got ready and headed out to meet our CM for the safari and any others who would be joining us at the podum at Jinko’s @ Jambo House. We checked in and they gave us a bottle of water, we met the other couple that was going along with us. They were so nice and they were from Philadelphia so we had lots to talk about. Our CM arrived and we were off.
The safari left at 330pm from the front of Jambo house and was about 2 and 1/2 hours long. We went all around the back of AKL & Kidani Village and the entire savannah area. It was really amazing how close we were to all the animals. The CM was great and answered all the questions that we had and taught us alot of stuff about the animals and where they came from etc. It was really interesting. Finally the safari was over and they dropped us off at the front of Jambo house, the CM went inside with us and gave us all a picture of one of the animals, thanked us and brought us back over to Jinko’s.
The 4 of us were seated at a table together and our dinner began. It was neat cause it was all planed out by the chef @ Jinko’s. It was a 4 coarse meal, with wine that goes which each section of the meal and the chef comes out and explains what we are having, how it was prepared etc. All I can say is OMG… Amazing! I couldnt believe the food. DH and I both said that it was the best meal we had the entire time that we were there with Sanaa running a close 2nd. Dinner took about a little over 2 hours. We said goodbye to the couple that was with us and DH and I were sooo tired. ( I think it was too much sun) We went back to the room, sat on the balcony and watch the animals for awhile, then I started packing our stuff since we were leaving in the am, while DH went down to the gift shop to pick up the stuff that we had sent back to the room from the past 2 days. DH packed most of the stuff in the truck & we finally went to sleep.
Wake up call was set for 8am again… UGH! LOL!


More Pics from the back stage safari:


A few more pics from back stage safari.