Been to the Disney Store Recently?


My children and I went to The Disney Store today to look for a birthday present for DD and they’ve already started putting on display some of their Fall items. They have backpacks, lunch totes and the most adorable clothing. They had a men’s long-sleeve shirt with Mickey Mouse on the back that my DS13 is dying to buy. They had girls jeans with princesses that, of course, my DD7 put on her birthday wish list. The had the most awesome artwork that I would love to add to my Disney themed loft and lamps, too. I could go on and on so you better visit your local store soon.


I haven’t been there in about two weeks since they were having their semi annual sale…I’ll have to get there to see what new stuff they have. I can’t believe they didn’t go right to halloween costumes …that’s what they normally do…lol


I’ll have to check it out! I have a 15% coupon that is good sometime at the end of July! Thanks!!!


I have two…I apparently go to the disney store far to often…lol


Me too, lol! I love the disney store, they have great sales!!


I was actually just at the Disney Store recently. The back-to-school stuff was adorable. I loved the sparkly little girls’ jeans and the iron-on patches. Too bad I’m in high school… I’m not so sure a princess backpack will hold up to my heavy books. (and I would probably be laughed at in the hallway)

I really wish they had junior clothing. Or big kids, at least. The adult stuff is too big for me… it’s also all Tink-based. I’m not a Tink girl or a Princess girl. I’m a Mickey and the gang type of gal. Unfortunately, most of Mickey and gang clothing goes to guys.


Wow…I was there last week…guess I missed all the Fall stuff by a day or two. Now I have a reason to go back…cuz I didn’t have one before…haha


We don’t see too many items for adults in our stores… I will have to go look.


it’s hit or miss at the disney stores near me, sometimes they have a decent amount of adult clothing and sometimes not. there have been instances where i’ve bought a child’s size XL… cause it fits, lolol… like my stitch jacket (khaki colored, hooded jacket w/ zipper pockets made out of a very light trench coat material that is water resistant). it was a had to have :laugh:


I prefer the Disney Character Warehouses. It’s hard not to go crazy in there.

I’ll be looking through tee-shirts. “New Year’s 2006? I was there, then!” “Spring break 2005… hey, I was there, then, too!” It’s a nice way to get the souvenirs that were just a little overpriced and unnecessary at the time of the trip.

My best deal were these Disney Greg Norman golf shirts. I got three for my dad. They were originally priced at $45, but I picked them up for $10 a piece!

It’s also neat that you can get souvenirs from Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris… that’s probably the only way I’ll get things from there in this decade!


I have not heard of the Chracater Warehouses? Are they located all around or just in Orlando?

Haven’t been to the mall in months. Will need to go soon though for Back to School.


I’ll be going there today to see if they have any summer stuff left for my trip! I need a couple of tanks, and I heard they have some on sale! HOpefully, my store will still have some!


I was there last friday and they had an extra 50% off…I got a few shirts for my trip and some plates


You guys are gonna make me cry!:crying: I don’t have a disney store near me anymore. there use to be 2 close but not any more!


naw, they’re all over. There’s one at Silver Sands Outlet Mall in Destin. Google search them. I’ve found a bunch.