Beer Walk Epcot?


Ok so I have seen the post about the wine walk is there anything similar for the beer drinker?


My DH makes his own beer walk.


Mine does a beer stumble:laugh:


Been there, done that, not a good morning after.:laugh:


DH always did his “Epcot Beer Tour”. He misses it since he quit drinking two years ago. He’s wondering if he can do a “Near Beer Tour” now.


hahahaha!!! totally agree, and it ruins the next day for me and i end up regretting it! Ragland Road always lands me in the same spot :blow:


Grab a beer stein and start walking. :laugh:

Never done it (made it ALL the way around) but I’ve had a “few” beers in EPCOT.:whistling

I hear that Boss has which may explain the repeated pink tutu/naked fountain dances/tazings. :eek::tongue::nonono2:


The scotch flights at Raglan are my killer.:eek:


I was thinking the same thing:laugh:


dans, planning for a nice “Beers Around The World” day? Have fun!


Thanks for all the info. So I can buy a stein in advance to use in all the countries? Yes Miss Disney I want to try it I was just hoping they had a system like the wine walk where u did not have to buy a full beer. That is going to be a lot of beer might break up into 2 days.