I know that title would get your attention! DH wants to have a supply of beer in the fridge at AKV. That would get rather pricey purchasing from Disney. What are the best options about getting some beer to our resort. I’m thinking having him take a taxi to one of the local gas stations that carries beer. Or, does Garden Grocer offer that?


There are 2 food stores on the road to the north of the DTD hotels. I think it is RD 535. Pass the hotels and make a left at the light. The food stores are on the right side a little way down.
We do our unit stock up there is we are getting in during the day. And that is if we don’t bring it since we drive. A cab to a local mini mart will do if that is all you are getting. If it is just a quick run into the store the cab shold wait for him.


Garden grocer delivered for us, but that was a couple of years ago. We stop at a gorcery store on the way to wdw.