Before DME



I have been to disney a handful of times mostly so long ago I cant remember how I got to and from the airport. THe most recent times I have went I have used a car service or rented a car. Have any of the disney resorts offered a free shutle in the past? I was talking it over with a freind and they assumed transportation to the airport and a disney has always been free. Maybe some of you could help settle a score.

THank you.


To my knowledge, before ME, you had to either go through Mears, rent a car, or use a car service.


mears that was the name of it,i coulndt remember.


If you bought a package in the past, Mears was usually included. We did that our firt trip before we knew nay better. Once we compared the additional cost that was added on (it’s not a free thing in a package, just increased the price) to the cost of a towncar and the convenience of the towncar, we never did Mears again.


Yes, it was the dreaded mears. Oh my I did not like using them. I had free vouchers for them with a few packages and hired the car anyway. After two trip with them, I would never use them again. The one trip I waited hours to get to my resort. I’d rather pay extra and get there faster.


The ME is run in conjunction with Disney by Mears (in fact the ME buses are repainted Mears buses) and Mears will be taking over the ME completely in October from what I’ve heard and read. Joe


OMG Let me enlighten you …DME Buses are brand NEW!!! not painted used Mears buses.
DME has been always run by DISNEY Mears just drive and take care of the buses,but Disney has all the say on DME they ask for how many buses they need the next day and they are suplied. any more rumors or questions?


Only repeating what another DME driver told me. Joe


Our DME busses have all looked very new, not repainted. If they were repainted would they have also dedone the inside because they were very nice?