Before I change it


I am considering cancelling the CRT dinner in the castle and picking up something else-

here are my ideas- If I cancel it I could go from AK to WCC and then to the park that night for fireworks ( I was planning on going to CRT and being there for fireworks and spectro) or should I do either Tony’s or LTT
I am also doing the pirates and princess thing and was planning on WCC just before going over there for the P&P so I was wondering if LTT would be worth doing on that special night or not. What is the difference between the special nights? And is it worth doing a sitdown when the rest is enjoying the park?

And if I do Tony’s or LTT which is better?

any and all opinions are great for us as we have never been to WCC,LTT,Tony’s or any special party before:pirate:


I have been to both WCC and LTT. LTT is special because of the characters, and meal is really good. WCC is a very lively, fun atmosphere, and your experience has a lot to do with your server. If you want to make the most of your time in the park that night, then go with LTT. I don’t know much about Tony’s, I have never made it there. Always seem to cancel that ressie.


Why is WCC not clicking in my brain? :huh: I will say that DH and I have NEVER been dissapointed with a meal at LTT. The food is always good, we’ve always been seated within 10 minutes of our ADR time, never felt rushed there, lots of character interactions, and our servers have always been great! I love it there!


WCC = Whispering Canyon Cafe :slight_smile:


wish- your tr is why Im considering LTT - my friend who goes all the time had told me to avoid it as its average cafeteria tasting food and that Tony’s was better value for the dining plan- I have never been to either. I just did not know if they were doing anything special for p&p at LTT since its the only sitdown avail for the evening.


do tony’s. you won’t be disappointed…


I can’t wait to do Tony’s again.

I enjoyed the food there, but that was 10 years ago.


hmmmmm - so now its a matter of characters vs great food! issues issues issues…


I honestly don’t think CRT is worth the price. I’m glad we got to eat in the castle before the character changes.

Anyway, I’d cancel and go with another place.


LTT sounds like more fun. I changed my Tony’s for LTT to get the halloween dinner.


I think CRT is overpriced these days so I would cancel that and book LTT. The characters are fun and the food is good.


Tony’s is good. We ate there between the fireworks and Spectro. Walked right out the front door and sat down on the curb as the parade started.

WCC is great. Pony Express races for the kids and “buttercup” dances for the guys. Don’t forget your camera!


We tried LTT last trip and LOVED it!!!


Although there is NO awesome food in MK, Unofficial Guide and I agree–LTT is the best restaurant in the park. The service is great, the food is down-home and good. We like it as a break from the rich food we’re eating every night on the dining plan.

(and if you time your meal with Spectro, you can walk right out onto the porch just in time to view)


But OUTSIDE MK, we had a blast last summer at WCC. Our waiter was average, but no matter, we had a blast watching the ones around us (and across the room)!


so there is a different dinner? My friend told me that they would not change anything for P&P due to the extra costuming etc…is that true? Or perhaps will it be a special meal


If you can time Tony’s so you’re finishing dinner around when Spectromagic is starting, you’ll get a decent viewing spot and then you’ll be able to get a decent viewing spot up Main St., possibly even as far as the HUb for Wishes. The caveat is that you want to eat Italian food that night. As always, check out the menus at I feel CRT is only a must do for your little princess at it’s current prices and then, only once.