Before or After?


I need some help deciding whether to stay at a Disney resort before or after my offsite stay.

We normally stay at a timeshare when we go to FLA but it has always been my goal to stay at a Disney resort since I was like 7 years old. I remember riding the monorail and it pulling into the lobby of Contemporary resort and very few people getting on. Somehow this translated in my mind that people staying there were somehow “special” or it was only for the “rich”. I promised myself right then and there that I would come back and stay there.

Well this is the year that I am going to fulfill that promise to myself. I’ve decided to extend my trip and stay at a Disney resort, but what I can’t decide is to do it before or after my 7 day timeshare stay.

I want to enjoy the resort itself so I was thinking after the offsite stay so that we wouldn’t be rushed to hit the parks and other sites. Then I was thinking I don’t want to go from a huge 2 bedroom condo to a smaller room. Then I was thinking I don’t want to stay there first and only be in the room at night because we’re going to be gone all day at the parks. What to do???


If it were me, I’d stay on-site at the end of my visit. I think once you do stay on-site, you won’t mind that you have less space. :happy: Just being there is too exciting to care! :laugh: For me, it would be a let-down to move from on-site to somewhere else. :pinch: :nonono2:

Let us know what you decide!


I’d go for on-site after off-site. It’s not about room size, it’s about your dream… and you don’t want a let-down after staying at your dream resort! You’ll have the fun of looking forward to it while you’re offsite.


I’d stay at Disney after the timeshare. That way you finish up with all the Disney magic. End the trip with a bang!


DayDreamer, I forgot to suggest that the Polynesian may give you a much better flavor for Disney than the Contemporary resort. I’ve stayed at both resorts and while it’s cool how the monorail goes right through the Contemporary building, you can ride the monorail through the building as many times as you want during your visit. I found the rooms to be “cold” and very typical of any good hotel/motel. When I was there (~11 years ago), there wasn’t anything Disneyesque about the room. The hotel very much catered to business meetings.

The Polynesian rooms are extremely large, and I think larger than the Contemporary rooms. The grounds of this resort are so relaxing and lush, you will think you’re in Hawaii. (I’ve been there, so I know the comparison.) While the monorail doesn’t go through the Polynesian, it pulls up right in front of the building’s second level. Also, you can watch the MK fireworks from the beach!

But, if your dream must be fulfilled, you do what you gotta do. Whichever you decide, I know you’ll have a great time!


I voted for “AFTER” your offsite stay. Sure, the huge space of a condo is nice, but you’re dream is to live in the magic of an onsite WDW resort. I say save it till after…save the best for last…


Definitely after! I would just feel too let-down to leave Disney property after staying on-site. It IS special, because you’re in the middle of the magic. I’m a penny-pincher in every way except for my vacations–I feel that they’re a treat to myself that I’ve worked hard for and I should enjoy them to the fullest. That’s why I always stay on property, and I feel that it would be really tough to go back to staying off-site. Trust me, the size of the room won’t matter a bit! Cinderella’s castle is right outside your door!!


I agree with the general consensus here. Defintely after. You want to end your Disney vacation there. There is something to be said about saving the best for last.


we have never stayed off site …but I would suggest that you stay off first so you can appriecate how wonderful it is staying on site!!


Yup, after is my vote as well for all the reasons listed above!


Stay onsite before. Then you’ll never stay anywhere else again. And I just have to say, DayDreamer, if it’s not too forward, you are just as cute as you can be!:wub:


Hi DayDreamer!!! I would vote to stay after as well…end the trip onsite!!! :wub:


I AGREE! :wub:


Stay at Disney after you stay off-site. This would be the perfect way to end a magical vacation!


I also own timeshare and go to WDW at LEAST once a year. I only stayed onsite twice and L :heart: VED every minute of it! But since we own three weeks of timeshare offsite ( :crying: ), financially it doesn’t make sense for us to stay onsite.

BUT this year, I am using ALL of my timeshare options to rent four villas at the Atlantis in May for 9 days. So I don’t have any timeshare left! I convinced DH that we just HAD to go at Christmas time again, so we are going in December and STAYING ONSITE!!! I am sooooo excited for this vacation, you have no idea (oh wait…YES you do have an idea!!! :tongue: ). We are renting points and staying at either BCV or BWV. I can’t wait!!!



I agree…we always do offsite first, then onsite. It’s just nice to end your trip in the nicest, most Disney! place


After…definately. I can’t imagine ending my stay off-site. It would be sad to after staying onsite.


We own an Interval timeshare and a Disney timeshare, and we always stay off-site BEFORE heading to Disney. We always stay at a Marriott and they’re gorgeous, but nothing beats Disney magic. As soon as we’re on Disney property I’m “home”. There’s really no comparison and you want to leave WDW at the end of your trip with memories of that resort in your head. I’m so excited for your first visit!


I agree with the majority here. AFTER !! I would absolutley want to end my stay @ WDW on site if I were you.


I’m going to have to go with the majority! Staying on-site is such a great experience. I think it is best to finish a trip right!