Behind-the-scenes tours


I have always wanted to take one of the guided tours around WDW, particularly the one that takes you under the MK! However, both our kids were dead-set against it - they didn’t want to know how was done. Heck, our 26-year-old son still refuses. I think he’s afraid it would somehow ruin the magic.

DW and I will be at WDW this September for the first time since 1982 without a kid in tow. I would like to check into one of he tours. Any Mousebuzzers here taken any of the tours? How’d you like them? Worth the cost?


That would be Keys to the Kingdom. If you’re at all interested and have never done any of the backstage tours, it is worth it, if only to see places you’ve never seen or only seen on TV. KTTK is a very long tour and it does have a lunch break included at Columbia Harbour House.


COMPLETELY WORTH IT. Make sure you think up some good questions, DW and I asked most of them. I’d tell you more about how cool is was, especially the super secret areas, but we were SWORN to secrecy!


When we took my mom in 2007, she took the Keys to the Kingdom tour and LOVED it! Said it was totally worth it!!!


And this is why I can’t do it! I want too . . . but just can’t!

I :heart: the magic part! :wub:


I haven’t done Keys to the Kingdom, but I’ve done the Backstage Safari at AK and Behind the Seeds at Epcot. Both of them were great! Backstage Safari takes you around the buildings and animal areas that you can’t see from inside the park. Behind the Seeds is pretty quick and takes you to only a few rooms you can’t see from inside the Land, but it was very informative and interesting.


Took Keys to the Kingdom in May, 2008. Was great! Didn’t really spoil any of the “magic”. Lots of what we saw, I had read about, just hadn’t “seen”. I would say the magic is still there for my family - maybe even more so.

We would love to do more of the backstage tours one day.


I’ve been kicking around taking my daughter on the Backstage Safari this year. She is a total animal nut, so to the what goes on behind the scenes I think would be a treat!


I think she would love it!! They explain a lot about how AK works and how they take care of the animals. We got to walk up to the elephants’ house and see them playing in their enclosure, and at the end of the tour they brought in a reptile (I can’t remember what it was… I know they’re in one of the windows at Conservation Station… looked like a fat lizard :laugh:) for everyone to see and touch. It was pretty neat. :happy:


Is the food included in the cost of the tour? Or is this just somewhere you can grabs something. It’s not mentioned on the Disney site. Either way we are doing it, I just wanted know if I get to save some DDP quick dining credits that day so we can spend them on a breakfast another day. Cheers.


when I did it in 2003 it was included.


I did KTTK in Jan. '09 and it was fantastic. The CM who was the Tour Guide was Carol and she had been doing it for years so she knew EVERYTHING down pat. Well worth the cost. It is almost 4.5 hours including lunch at Columbia Harbor House and they also give yo a special pin to commemorate the occasion. DW did not want to do the tour and when she saw the pin she tried to swipe it from me and I told her too bad so sad. Now she wants to do a tour herself lol


What is the price of the tour?


$62 each. Prices of tours are on Disneys official site, look under each Park. Here is a link to the prices of the MK tours.

Tours | Special Experiences | Magic Kingdom Theme Park | Walt Disney World Resort


Here are the links for the other parks, showing the prices of other tours…

Tours | Special Experiences | Epcot Theme Park | Walt Disney World Resort

Tours | Special Experiences | Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park | Walt Disney World Resort

Tours | Special Experiences | Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park | Walt Disney World Resort

They are a pain to navigate to, if you just type ‘tours’ in the search, they all come up, but don’t have prices.


We’re finally planning on the KTTK tour for our trip in 2010! I was always a little worried it might spoil the magic but then I think of all the behind the scenes books I’ve read and have realised it won’t! I thin it will be a great way to spend the day and to see a new side of MK. I actually love seeing things I have read/learned about and recalling the tale! It makes you feel like your ‘in’ on some Disney secret, a part of the magic :slight_smile: