Behind the Scenes Tours


DH and I are going down to POFQ Oct 20 - 26 alone!! We have always wanted to try a tour - if you could pick only one tour which would you recommend and why?


I have always wanted to do the “Keys to the Kingdom” tour. I really wanna see the utilidoors! But the “Backstage Safari” would be my #2 choice!

I am sure, that whatever you choose, you will have an awesome time!



We are taking the “keys to the kingdom” tour on our up coming trip! We can’t wait! Every new review I read over on gets me more an more excited! We picked it because we really want to see the “utilidors” and a few other backstage Areas! The 5 an 1/2 hour walking tour includes a lunch at Columbia harbour house and a ride on jungle cruise, pirates or the Caribbean and haunted mansion!


I’ve done Keys to the Kingdom, we had Matthew as our guide and he was great. It’s a wonderful tour because you get a lot of cool information about the park and the history but it also doesn’t take up your whole day. We did the early morning tour which was great. The only thing I didn’t like was lunch at the Columbia Harbour House… truly the worse meal I ever ate in Disney. But the rest was great and made up for the cold grease food.


i would love to do the tour but don’t want to ruin the magic for myself…


the botanical garden tour was good though


KTTK is a FANTASTIC tour! I did the tour Jan. '09 and I had Carol as my tour guide. It is well worth checking out. It did not ruin the Magic for me at all, rather it helped to enhance it.

If you take the tour you will not be sorry


Magic Behind the Steam Trains
unDiscovered Future World
Either of the AK tours.
I think I’d save Keys for a time that you’ve built up some endurance.
Keys is a really long tour compared to the rest and you could well find yourself running out of fuel when you’re down in the Utilador.


Yeah I didn’t find that the KTTK tour ruined any magic for me. It was really cool and focused a lot on history and a bit on behind scenes. I guess I must have really enjoyed it though because it didn’t seem like that long of a tour.


We have done Keys to the Kingdom and Behind the Seeds. We loved Behind the Seeds. Keys to the Kingdom? I think I’d rather get a root canal.


I’ve done Backstage Safari and Behind the Seeds. I loved them both and would love to do them again!!

If I had to pick one, I think I’d re-do Backstage Safari. It was that good. :happy: