Behind the Seeds Tour at the Land


Has anyone done this? I think my dad and son would like it and am thinking of booking it for our upcoming trip. I know this isn’t one of the most sought after tours, but I wondered if any of my MB buddies had done it and could give some insight…I’ve read the reviews on Allearsnet.


I remember someone did this. Bumping it up …


Is that the one on the boat??? if so we did it and it was good very informative esp to DH whose a keen gardener/grower


That’s the attraction I’m talking about…but there is a behind the scenes tour (called “behind the seeds” :laugh: ) that I’m particularly interested in knowing more about.


Yes - my dd and I did it last year and we really enjoyed it. It was only about a hour. It was a walking tour of all the greenhouses, you get to feed the alligators (if you take it during their feeding time). It’s really kind of fascinating. If you like gardening at all, I’d definitely recommend it.


This is one of those things that I think about doing, and think about doing, and think about doing, and think about doing…but have never done it. :pinch:

I put it in that category of “things to do when I live just minutes from WDW and am there all the time.”

I’m sure I’ll do it someday.


Does anyone know the approximate cost of this tour? It sounds interesting. (And short is good, since I always have a million things I’m trying to pack into my trip! :rolleyes:)


I did it with my best friend when she was a horticulture student at UF. It was interesting. It’s cool to walk around an attraction which you’ve only been able to sail though. I honestly don’t rememeber too much of the content but it was fun! It’s worth doing once.


With an AP discount it was $8.00 per person. $10.00 without the discount.


I’m glad you asked this…I was thinking about sending my mom on this tour. She loves gardening…sounds perfect!


Sounds like fun.


DH and I did it last year and we love gardening so it was a lot of fun. The baby alligators are so cute that you almost forget what dangerous creatures they become.
The cost is $12 but they have AP, DVC discounts.
Worth it.


To me, the bit on the boat is enough but I know my MIL would love to do the extra tour. Thanks for starting this thread…I might just treat her on our next vacation, It would bore me to tears as I hate gardening but she does so much for us throughout the years that I would do it for her. :wub:


How do you go about reserving a spot for the tour? I think my MIL and my Dad would be interested as they are gardening enthusiasts


Yes Ariel my DH would love this too- like you gradening is not my thing but he just adores growing anything and everything


Thank you llama! This is very affordable, I think I would like to check it out!


You can call the Tours line at 407-WDW-TOUR or we signed up at the desk which is right at the entrance to Soarin.


Thanks. How far in ahead should something like that be reserved?


Cheaper than a movie :nonono2: and sounds like more fun!


:laugh: That’s what I was thinking! Something at WDW that’s cheaper than a movie…:whistling

Of course movie prices are so ridiculous, pretty soon it’s going to be cheaper to take a TRIP to WDW than to go to a movie! :wacko: