Behind the Seeds tour


Has anyone gone on this tour and is it worth the additional $18 per adult?

This is one of the very few things we haven’t “done” yet and I’m just curious if its actually “worth” doing. :closedeye

Behind The Seeds | Walt Disney World Resort


DH and I went a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. If you are a gardener or just love plants it is a must.

We are were also talking about doing the tour again sometime.


Let me first of all make it clear that we are NERDS!:happy: And we like things that other might think are a little ho-hum boring. We LOVED this tour. Living with the Land is one of our favourite attractions and we’ve taken the tour twice. It’s informative, not a huge time commitment and you learn alot. We like releasing our ladybugs and even got a sample off the tomato tree (we weren’t suppose to but we lucked out by getting the head honcho on the tour and he let us try from the ones that had already fallen).


We went a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. The only hard part was the standing. It was well done and very informative. Like others have said, if you like plants then I would say go!


Well it sounds like this tour is “worth it”. My DGF is turning into quite the green thumb so I think she’ll love this! We do enjoy “Living with the Land” and usually ride it every other time we go to EPCOT (which is quite a few times a year) so I think we’ll give it a go.

Thanks all!


This is perhaps the only tour I haven’t taken.
At $18, it’s cheap, especially when compared to Dolphins In Depth.
If you are at all interested in the Epcot gardens, go for it.


I’ve done this tour a couple of times and have always enjoyed it. It is very educational and interesting, and each time I’ve taken it I’ve learned something new. Also if you have AAA, a government employee, or a season pass holder you can get a discount. They gave discounts if you were a member of a few other thing, but I can’t remember the rest. If you decide to take the tour ask at the desk when buying your tickets.


AP holders get a discount? Nice… So I can just book it the day of? I don’t need advanced ressies?


Right. Just walk up to the desk when you get there and find out what time you want to go. They usually have openings. You should not have any problems.


Yes, you can book it the day of and there is an AP discount.


Perfect! Thank you… :happy:


AP holders get 15% off all tours.


We’re thinking about doing this tour on one of our trips this summer. My son loves Living with the Land so I think he would like the tour. We’re always looking for something new to do and this sounds easy and doesn’t take too much time.


We have done it twice and my little kids (6,5) LOVE it as well!